LMACspecial: The Art, The Science, And AI

Hello LMAC community!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the announcement for Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial.

I am also pleased that LMAC is working with the STEMsocial community, which is working on science. I agree that science and art are setting the milestones for today and I am sure for the near and distant future of us as a human race.

I don't know much about dark matter, but as a layman I understand it to be the antipode to the matter we exist in and (being a big sci-fi fan) the theory that black holes and wormholes are fast passages through dark matter from one star to another. This is the only way to travel through space over big distances. The speed of light is too slow for our lifetimes.
Not sure if this theory is scientific. :) 😁

Coming back to the LMAC contest, this is the first time I have used neural networks or artificial intelligence in a collage. Modern interfaces are already sophisticated enough and easily understandable to be used by laypeople and not just programmers.
When I was doing this, it was interesting to see how the AI understands my initial image, how it connects this to the text prompt, and finally generates an interpretation.

Personally, I think that AI is a key interface between science and art and that the universe will be better understood with the help of AI, which in these modern times is present in every field of human activity.

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Sources used for the collage:

LMAC gallery



  • Ford Mustang by UploadNow/PurePNG
  • Ship by PNGStock/PurePNG
    PurePNG terms: Free for commercial use, no attribution required.

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Proces of creating the collage:

A basic collage image is created in Photoshop. I prepare all mentioned elements and put them as layers in the collage.


After that, I upload the basic collage image to NightCafe AI Art Generator which uses VQGAN and CLIP machine learning technologies. These are two neural networks, VQGAN (Vector Quantized Generative Network) which can find similarities between two images, and CLIP (Contrastive Image Language Pretraining), which can find patterns between text and images.
The text prompt used:

"Art and science colorful humans and animals and vehicles into a wormhole".

AI made 200 iterations - picture transformations related to the entered text.
Then I downloaded key iterations and, again, in Photoshop create gif animation.


Hope you have fun!

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You might as well speak Latin for all I can understand of programming but thanks for sharing your steps to make the collage. You did a wonderful creation with great animation in the wormhole. 😊

I appreciate you included my images.

Thank you very much! Your pictures are often exactly what I need!😎 👏

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Wow! Me gusta mucho el efecto amigo, que gran creatividad tienes, increíble, gracias por usar imagen :)

You're always welcome! 👏😎

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An incredible and creative collage

Thank you very much! 😎 👏

Thanks a lot for this very colourful entry. The impact of the neutral network gives something amazing as a final result! Goold luck with the contest!

PS: science has already proven your theory wrong ;)

Thank you for stopping by.
btw: yeah, I suppose that theory (not mine, just read somewhere in sci-fi) is not good. But how will we move between stars? Looks like we won't in near future ... 😎 😁

I think that stating that we won't travel between stars in a (close) future is a good answer. It is already very hard for us just to leave the surroundings of planet Earth. Let's however stay tuned ^^

This is really beautiful. I love the idea behind it and the processes that led to the final product.

Thank you very much for the comment. When I do a collage in the LMAC community I usually always try to explain how I did it. If for no other reason than to get someone else to try it. Knowledge is spread that way.

Wish I know how to use all the tools. Editing is something I would have loved to learn, just don't know where to start

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