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RE: A Warming Planet in Revolt, and a Collage for LMAC #89

in Let's Make a Collagelast year (edited)

A wonderful timely collage A.G. Love the babies in the baskets and the angels.The hand holding the baby is a nice touch.💞

Climate change is having drastic effects and is something we must all be concerned about as you mentioned, we must help ourselves and not expect divine intervention.

“We must be our own angels. We must save ourselves, as much as possible, from a future of fire and flood”

I hope your summer is going well my dear A.G.


Thank you my friend @redheadpei.You are always kind.

I felt so bad after looking at pictures of the floods. The devastation. Lives lost. The collage was inevitable. A collage with hope. I'm glad you like the babies and angels. Bright spots in a dismal scene.

Thank you for the tip, the reblog and the visit. My summer is going well, thank you.

Peace and happy days to you and all your furry friends up North :)