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RE: The Cycle of Life and Decay: a Collage for LMAC #79

You make a delightful forest in front of the crumbling castle A.G. Amazing how you built it up and added the birds and animals for the final touch. Lovely art as always.🌸

I did get my plifer vaccination. My arm was a little sore the next day but no other problems. My booster shot will be down the road. I don’t have the date yet.


Hello my friend, @redheadpei,

I did enjoy tumbling that castle and rebuilding it :) Like a kid, I guess, playing world building. Thank you for your kind words about my collage. There is no way for me to stop. I"m addicted. My husband reminds me when a new one is coming out.

Thank you my friend, for you generosity.

I'm very glad you got that vaccine. What a relief, isn't it? Feels like freedom. I know they are not 100%, but still. Then next one will be a breeze :))

Most welcome A.G. 😊

Yes it does feel good to have the vaccine. I know there is a lot of hoopla against it but what else do we have to help against Covid-19?