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RE: The Sanatorium Movement, and a Collage for LMAC

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Your awesome collage is a perfect analogy of the current times with the covid-19 hanging on. It is also affecting the lungs like TB. Of course the earth was not heavily populated like now.

Sorry to know you are not competing in the contest your collages are always extremely popular.I know what you meant about enjoying the fun and friends and that’s what it’s all about.😊🌺


I'm not really a competitive person. I want to win, but I also don't want anyone to lose. This way I win all around.

I guess the collage is influenced by the pandemic. That wasn't conscious, but how could it not be? Have you gotten that shot yet? I forgot when your appointment is.

Thank you for your kind words about my collage. I love it when you visit, my friend from up North. Looking forward to more pictures from your backyard highway this spring.

Most welcome and good morning A.G.,

My appointment for the vaccination is this Wednesday. I will be glad to get it as at least it is some protection against this terrible virus that is not letting up. Watching the news around the world of the many deaths is devastating.

As I type this the squirrel is on the back deck railing looking at me through the window. I’ll take him out some peanuts.🐿

Have a wonderful week!

Good luck with the shot, my friend. Remember, water. They also say, if you can stand the side effects best not to take an anti-inflammatory (aspirin, Ibuprofen,ex.)to get through the discomfort. It is believed the anti-inflammatories might tamp down the development of antibodies. When I got my first shot I had to take extra prednisone because I really had a strong flare (my autoimmune disease). This likely muted the development of antibodies, but you do what you can with what you have :))

Thanks for the note about the squirrel. I have the most wonderful mental image!

Thanks A.G. For reminding me of the water. I’ll be glad when the vaccination is done. I don’t take any medications...probably should be on some but try not to take anything.

You are welcome for the little note about the squirrel. Actually when I went outside the squirrel was waiting on the deck and the chipmunk was down on the grass. I threw him a peanut too and the squirrel put a peanut in his mouth and chased the chipmunk away from the area. Squirrel didn’t want to share the peanuts. 😀