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RE: LMAC 67: Little Folk, and Brief Look at Wetlands

in Let's Make a Collage3 months ago

What a delightful refreshing scene you depicted of the pixies on their ancestral farm in the wetlands of Pixiedom. Love the little stripped cat beside the two pixies.

It’s almost like you painted the scene with a delicate ethereal touch. Really lovely!💞


Thank you my friend. I really got into it :)) So relaxing, and it cost nothing. As I told you, a Little Folk theme, but not like your wonderful collage.

Thank you for visiting, and for the generous tip.

It's snowing here. Winter has arrived!

Most welcome my friend. I forgot to thank you for the mention A.G. so I’ll thank you now. :)

We are suppose to have a snowstorm tonight.

Haha I think your collage is more wonderful.