Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial

in Let's Make a Collage8 months ago

Hello friends, I'm excited to be participating again in Let's Make a Collage, I take this opportunity to thank STEMsocial for being with us this week having fun in this particular art and science. This is my collage for this very special week.


Image provided for the contest

For additional pictures in this collage I took at LIL and PIXABAY

By @seckorama

By @mynatasha

By @adncabrera


By @justclickindiva


By @quantumg




@ranup11, como tú, estoy emocionada por este tema y gusta mucho la forma en que lo has resuelto. La materia oscura es, sin duda, tan enigmática como el contenido de una maleta que no pudiéramos ver desde afuera. El tema es realmente apasionante.
Gracias por usar mi muñequito para un collage tan bueno.
¡Mecha suerte!

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Very nice collage. Thanks for using my LIL image. Wish you luck in the contest! 👏 😎

Hello @ranup11. I love all the elements in your theme. But the background looks awesome and vibrant. All the action is taking place in the snowglobe. A nice concept. I appreciate you including one of my fractals in your theme.

Good luck in the contest. Take care.