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RE: Helicopters and Gnomes: Soaring Above the Clouds in a Collage for LMAC #99

It's just like a little cartoon and very well animated, moreover. The way you did the door sequence, brilliant! I watched it for a while, and still love it. :-D
You've excelled yourself once again with this one, in terms of creativity, effort, skills and fun factor.
And it's a fantastic intro to the very interesting education part of your post, which, of course, I enjoyed reading! :-)


Thank you my friend, @quantumg. I almost left the little fellow on the roof. But, as you suggest, the story would not have been complete. He had to come down and join the other little fellows.

I love your (dwarfs?) (gnomes?) The are like little toys. Great for the imagination.

I appreciate your comment. It's obvious I had fun, isn't it?

Wonder what I'll do this week. What everyone will do. Should be amazing. The door is open to whatever the mind can cook up.

(dwarfs?) (gnomes?)

This is a very good question! Which you should rather not have asked me, because it is exactly one of my most favorite topics. xD

Gnomes and dwarves are actually two completely different species.

The gnomes are small humanoid creatures that live underground and are extremely antisocial and not very smart. In short, little grumpy and stupid earth dwellers. They rather represent the wildness of nature, as they behave impulsively and instinctively. So in terms of behavior they have more in common with the trolls.
However, gnomes, like dwarves, belong to the so-called magical creatures.
Unfortunately, they hate humans. It is said that this is why they always hide from us.

Dwarves usually live in the mountains, often inside mountains. They are considered quite sociable and even very intelligent. The old Germanic gods often sought advice by the dwarves and even had their powerful weapons created by them. Much more, there are even mythological reports of interspecies affairs between gods and dwarves.
Dwarves, therefore, do not rank as poorly as gnomes in the myths. They stand for rationality and order and are considered engineers and master thinkers.
I love dwarves!

The creature from my LIL contribution is actually a dwarf. I use to mix both terms myself as well, because everyone does. This is probably the result of a generalized portrayal in many modern fairy tale adaptations.

It's obvious I had fun, isn't it?

By all appearances, very much! :-)

Thank you for that wonderful exposition. I am a fan of myth and legend. These are keys to a culture's history and essential nature. So this really was an interesting read for me.