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RE: A Warming Planet in Revolt, and a Collage for LMAC #89

Hello @agmoore,

I have seen the terrible photos and countless videos of the flood disasters and I am also deeply shocked.
Shocked by all the dead, the destruction, but recently also by the catastrophic failure of the authorities in my country to have warned people sufficiently, even though there were indications of an impending disaster.

Me and my family have donated for the reconstruction of the affected areas and houses and we are currently looking for more ways to help. Some neighbours and other people I know even had the opportunity to go to the disaster areas to help the people there with their own hands.
There is a lot of solidarity and this is the brightest light in these dark days.

Your collages always tell stories or are a supporting part of your education/art composition. From my point of view, that is very well done again this time.
I also like the idea behind it, it's highly creative!


I feel your anger. Me too. I kept asking my husband why there was no notice. We have so much advanced technology, how could the floods have been such a surprise. Horrible.

In the end, it always comes down to the individual. We can't look to our left or to our right. We can't look to a bureaucracy. We have to do it ourselves. I'm not surprised that you are helping out.

Yes, my collage is expressive, but not very esthetically pleasing. Thank you for reading and for your kind assessment. You know my thoughts are with those who are suffering from the disaster.