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RE: The Immortal Hydra, The Price of Sex, and a Collage for LMAC #82

I stared spellbound at your collage for quite a while. This touch of surrealism, driven by this great animation, appears almost a little psychedelic or hypnotic. Riveting, beautifull and interesting. I like that kind of art.
Really well done!

The edu part of your edu collage is also very very interesting. Greek mythology is one of my passions. So I was happy to read it for that reason alone. However, I was not disappointed when the topic changed to biology. On the contrary, the facts about the living Hydra riveted me at least as much as your pictorial work.
All my four thumbs up for that!


You are a talented writer and a great artist, but the quality that stands out for me is your generosity. You do have the heart of a teacher, a good teacher. And you are gracious.

My work pleases me on this ocassion, because it is approximately what I hoped to make. But it is a crude effort. You look beyond that.

Thank you very much. And I'm really glad you like the blog part. I do work hard on that. It's kind of the same approach you have...the picture and the blog go together. Complementary.

Thanks @quantumg for the great comment. Makes me happy.