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Hello dear friends, I hope everyone is well, this week's topic is very interesting because it arouses a lot of curiosity regarding dark matter, which to my understanding is an invisible and visible matter at the same time because you can only see or know when it is present when the lights of the stars flash or distort, this means that there is a good concentration of dark matter near or around them, This energy cannot be seen by solar microscopes from the earth or from a space station, only astronauts with advanced measuring equipment can detect dark matter, which in this case gravitational lenses are used to predict the dynamics depending on the masses of dark matter in terms of its direction and with this we will know what will be the behavior of the galaxies.

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Dirección de Imagen / Image Direction

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Dirección de Imagen / Image Direction


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Gracias @Eva66 por tu puntuación me alegra mucho que le gusto el collage. Suerte y saludos.

This is a wonderful creation. I like the animation of the planet and twinkling stars.

Thanks for including my image from the #lil gallery. 😊

Me alegra mucho que te gusto el collage. Saludos y suerte.

Fantastic collage and very well done.
I very like the way your collage expands the perspective.

Good luck! :-)

Gracias hermano por tus palabras. Me alegra que le gusto. Saludos.

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Wow, @poderart. Really beautifully done. You wed the science concepts and the art so that both are outstanding parts of you collage.
I enjoyed you essay, also.

Good luck this week!

Gracias de verdad @agmoore esta semana es muy interesante yo también estudie como un científico e investigador para analizar tanta información del tema especial de la semana para llegar a un conclusión final y poder hacer el collage que combine la creatividad, arte y ciencia. Yo observe También todos los collage y hay gran variedad de presentación del tema de la materia oscura. te deseo suerte. Saludos.