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RE: LMAC 67: Little Folk, and Brief Look at Wetlands

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A very nice trip to the wetlands of this earth, pimped with this harmonious collage. Great.
Good luck with it! 😎

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Hello my friend, @muelli, master of disruptive art :))

Your use of the word "harmonious" is not lost on me. Please understand that I have a disruptive personality. I chafe against authority. My favorite modern playwright is Bertolt Brecht. Disruption is at the heart of his work. And, one of my favorite artists in LMAC is @muelli, as you know. But making a collage for me is an escape from reality. It's like taking a drug, without the side effects.

I'm sure Brecht would not appreciate my collages. He would want me to startle, to shock, to wake up the viewer. But that's no fun for me.

We all need a vacation. Collage creation for me is a vacation.

I appreciate your comment. I admire your art. Every week I wonder how you and @mister.reatard manage to stun us with such alacrity. My harmony does not come with such alacrity. Each piece is a struggle. But, it is the struggle that allows escape.

I answer you at length because I respect you, very much. Good luck to you and your alter ego in this round. Both collages, are, as usual, amazing (that is, they are disruptive and entertaining).

Thank you for your visit and your kind assessment of my benign picture :)

Hi @agmoore.
My reference to the harmony which your collage radiates, was not meant cynical or provocative.
On the contrary, I like the calm and peaceful bustle of the pixies very much as it is.
Thank you very much for your detailed comment and of course I know that everyone has different approaches to design his collage.
For me, the whole thing is a lot of fun and my sometimes somewhat provocative works rather an escape from my otherwise harmonious life. 🀣
Respectfully, @muelli ... your fan. 😎

🌟🌟 🎨🌟🌟