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RE: A Collage for the LMAC Fall Reopening, and Debut of the LMAC Image Index

A cozy farm scene, with a rainbow of trees. Great job! Glad to see that the images have been useful for all collage makers. Have a wonderful night! 🤗


Me encanta esa imágen. Saludos

Thank you Dear @zenai. I had a lot of fun working with the trees, the egret and the lamb. Good things to spend time with :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you @mballesteros 🌷

It was fun working with the resources at hand. In a way, it helps to have already seen so many of the pictures before. I love this system. I love the way it reinforces participation and rewards effort. We are creating our own economic/art ecosystem. The more we do the more we benefit.

I haven't seen your collage yet. Busy day today. I'll have to check the community.

Hope you are having a lovely September.