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RE: The Sanatorium Movement, and a Collage for LMAC

Thank you for the history lesson. Every time I thank science for the amount of lives that are saved thanks to medicines, although in many cases we become addicted to them, but that's another topic. There are so many stories about sanatoriums and many of them are captured in horror and suspense movies. Your collage is very nice and although it does not compete with the others I think it has already won its prize! Thanks Agmoore for the tip you gave to one of my posts, you are very kind. I'm glad you are one of the judges of the contest, I think you have it very well deserved. Hugs and have a nice week!



Thank you for visiting and for your kind words about my blog. I have been fascinated with the sanatorium experience ever since I read the Magic Mountain. I'm extremely attached to my family. It is the cruelest punishment to separate me from them. To do that while someone is ill. That must be a horrible experience.

I thought it was so kind of you to raise money for our afflicted colleague. I lost a friend early to COVID, before we knew what was going to happen. In New York we lost so many lives. I take this virus very seriously.

I don't feel like a judge. Everyone is my friend, so it's just adding my voice to an evaluation of the great collages that come in. They are all so wonderful.

I wish you health and a creative week. Hugs to you, my friend.