Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial

My inspiration, about dark matter, was based on the creation by hands that appear, out of nothing, and that can create the solar system and other galaxies, where humans occupy our place on Planet Earth.

LMac especial.png

I performed the following procedure:

I downloaded the image given by @shaka: [Credits: Jeremy Thomas (public domain)]

I selected the following Imac gallery photos:
Title: Digital Handprint 8
Author: By @m1alsan
Title: Comet - Green (Transparent)
Author: By @justclickindiva

Next I selected the copyright free images photos:

I removed the background of the images using

I made all the modifications with powerpoint.

Then I selected everything and grouped them together and saved them as JPEG.

That is the collage I am showing.

LIL Beneficiaries:
• 20% to the community (@lmac)
• 2% to @justclickindiva
• 2% to @m1alsan


Hello @katleya. I love the view from space of the events that are calm on Earth. The difference is lovely with addition of the people in prayer. Thank you for including my fractal image in your theme.

Good luck in the contest. Take care.

Thanks for commenting and viewing my post @justclickindiva


Thanks @eve66