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RE: A Warming Planet in Revolt, and a Collage for LMAC #89

Living through exceptionally strange days, interesting collage with loads of links and interesting information.

Socio-Economic based violence is running rampant through our city today in KwaZulu-Natal with no end in sight as yet after a full week, yes this world has changed and humans along with it.

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I appreciate your support, very very much. I also appreciate the information about KwaZulu-Natal. I've done some research on the history of South Africa, plus I've read Coetzee, so I have a sense of what you are describing. It's amazing to me that people think they can wall off the effects of climate change. Or, for that matter, that people think they can wall off the effects of economic and social chaos. We all live on the same planet. We breathe the same air. Derive sustenance from the same ocean. So narrow to think we can insulate ourselves from each other.

Forgive me for going on. Something I (obviously) feel strongly about.

Thanks again for reading and appreciating my blog. Have a safe and productive week.

If people don't work together for change everyone will be affected, land, sea, air and yes among each other.

Too many instigate chaos, too few knuckle down to actually do something positive to make change happen.

Today is Nelson Mandela's birthday, each member of society requested to give 67 minutes helping others in any way they are able, a sobering thought after the last week.