LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial

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Namaste🙏 Dear Friends, This post is for "LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial and theme is Art and Science" , this is my 15th participation entry post on #lmac community.
beneficiares:- @lmac 20% @redheadpei 2% @edgarafernandezp 2% @justclickindiva 2%

I have mixed some images with main image, Theme/main image is provided by @shaka Source in @LetsMakeaCollage community contest, i have given all the used image sources in the post.

I hope you all will like my this creativity, i am not a graphics expert but always trying to do my best, while making collage😊.
As always i am learning while creating new collage, i found photoshop is best choice, but it need expertise to create best one. Hope next time i will come with more unique creativity.







Nice to see the colaboration of #STEMsocial...

Thanks for visiting on my blog...



Nice collage 👌👍😍

Dhanyawad ☺!PIZZA

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Thanks 🙏

The elements you picked are lovely.

Thanks for including my image. 😊

Namaste🙏 @redheadpei, Thanks for your awsome image !PIZZA

Most welcome. Thanks for the pizza. 🍕

muy creativo tu collage

Namaste🙏 @camila07, Thanks for like


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Thanks 🙏

Yay! 🤗
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Hello @idea-make-rich. I like your theme with all the eyes watching over the universe. Also, there's strength and prayer to defend. The universe should be safe from the dark matter. Thanks for including one of my fractals in your theme. I appreciate it.

Good luck in the contest. Have a good week.

Namaste 🙏 @justclickindiva, thanks for providing awesome image. !PIZZA