A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 112::Let's Make a Collage

Namaste🙏 Dear Friends, This post is for collage contest round-112 and this is my 16th participation entry post on the #lmac community. Beneficiares:- @lmac 20% @seckorama 2%+2% @donroberts 2% .
I have mixed few #LIL & free images with main image which is provided by @shaka Source in @LetsMakeaCollage community contest post round no 112, i have mentioned all sources of images in this post.

I am hopping that you all will like this creativity collage, i am trying to do my best for unique collage😊 always. Now days i am using photoshop-2020. Thanks for giving awsome opportunity to participate in this contest..






Thanks for visiting on my blog...



nice collage 👌👍

Thanks !PIZZA 1😍


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Thanks 🙏

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