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Hello everyone, today I want to participate in "Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial", and everyone knows that @shaka is the organizer, may you always be healthy and always in solidarity and always be successful. This is my collage of the week and hope everyone likes my own idea.



All additional pictures are taken from LIL and PIXABAY, here are the descriptions and pictures:

By @mynatasha

By @lunaturqueza


By @quantumg


By @quantumg


By @agmoore


By @agmoore




Great to see you participating to LMAC again!

We noticed that you had accidentally set the beneficiary to iMac (i like eye) instead of lmac. Only lmac is correct.
Please pay attention to this in your future contributions. The beneficiary shares allows us to provide attractive community prizes and secures you the support by our voting trail.

Thanks for supporting the LMAC with your time and creativity!

💬If you have further questions about the LMAC or the LIL please leave a comment or come right over to our dedicated Discord at:

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I love the LMAC emblem on the side of the plane! Lily looks like a competent pilot.
Good luck with this clever collage.