Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial/The Fish that comes from the Fire

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Hello friends, I am participating in this wonderful Art and Science special where LMAC and STEMsocial join forces to give us the opportunity to make a different collage where the main theme is Dark Matter, for which I had to do some research about it since I don't know the subject. I understood that Dark Matter does not interact with anything and are like ghost particles in the vast universe. Thank you @shaka for the opportunity you give us with an excellent topic.

This is my entry Let's Make a Collage. Dark Matter: an LMAC Special

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Original Contest Image


The images I used are public domain images from Pixabay,Purepng and Lmac these are their sources


The following images were provided by Galery Lmac





Hola @bruma7 muchas gracias por incluir una de mis imágenes, muy creativo tu collage.

Hi @bruma7 thank you very much for including one of my images, very creative your collage.