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Hello Everyone.
At the beginning of the rainy season there are very many dragonflies, here, we mention Capung Lebah or its scientific language Sympetrum depressiusculum. This type of dragonfly requires a lot of water and some plants for food. Usually, young dragonflies live in water as larvae and then become adults.

When mature, Adult Dragonflies need plants and shrubs for a resting place to rest at night. The more dragonflies that live, it has a sign that the water in the environment is clean and pollution-free.

Dragonflies have two large eyes and can see small insects and predict where they are going20211129_135444.jpg
Adult dragonflies need plants or twigs for a place to perch20211129_140527.jpg
In addition to the eyes and jaws, dragonflies have two transparent wings. and dragonflies can fly up to 17,000 km20211129_141530.jpg
Adult Dragonflies have a body size of 29 to 34 mm20211129_142334.jpg
Dragonflies are equipped with sharp jaws and can tear other insects.20211129_142932.jpg
Adult dragonflies need plants or twigs for a place to perch20211129_144204.jpg

Flash usedNo
Focal length4.60 mm
Exposure time1/50 s
Aperture2,0 f

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