Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial

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Hi all friends, today I share this collage for posting and participation in "Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial". This contest is an LMAC Special where two communities come together, so thank you and welcome the STEMsocial community.

I also feel
it's exciting and fun to see two amazing communities under one roof, it's going to create a great history. And also we need to know that @lemouth is the founder of the STEMsocial community.

I hope you all will like my efforts to create this collage for the #LMAC & #STEMsocial😀 community.



To make this collage I took public domain images, from pixabay and LIL the image sources are as follows:

By @donroberts

By @mballesteros


By @edgarafernandezp




I like all the colours in this collage. Thanks for taking part to the contest, and good luck!

Hi @lemouth , thank you for taking your time to visit and leave a comment that is very interesting to me and makes me even more excited.