When the Water Is Gone: My Collage for LMAC #158

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quantumg desert nomad boat scorpion5.png

Once again this week @shaka offered the LMAC community a striking photo as a template for collage creation in LMAC round #158:
BRlnbDb - Imgur.jpg

For many of us who chose to make a collage the tree was front and center. People went in different directions with the tree, some of them positive. To me, the tree suggested desolation, and that's how the collage at the top of the page came about. I started thinking about parts of the world where water is becoming scarce.

In my own country (the U. S.) the Colorado River provides water to much of the West and Southwest. Farmland comes to life because of the Colorado. People drink from its waters, and bathe in it. It is a source of sustenance, and recreation, not only for people but for life all along its route.

The river is 1450 miles long. It runs through the Colorado River basin and provides water to seven states, and to Mexico.

Map of the Colorado River Basin
Colorado_River_basin_map shannon 1.0 2.0. 3.0 4.0.png
Credit: Shannon. Used under CC Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International, 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.

Hoover Dam on the river was opened in 1936 and the resulting reservoir became Lake Meade. Working together, the lake and the dam provide electrical power to 25 million people. The lake is not only a source of water for several metropolitan areas, but also is a recreation resource.

Lake Meade is drying up.

View of Lake Meade From Hoover Dam
Water_intake_towers_at_Hoover_Dam APK 4.0.png
Credit: APK. Used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.. According to the caption associated with this picture: "Lake Mead in October 2021... the white band showing the high water level".

In my collage, the presence of a broken canoe suggests that a body of water might have dried up. In the case of Lake Meade, different sorts of material are being revealed in the falling water levels. Along with a formerly sunken boat and other artifacts that one might expect to find, human remains are coming to the surface.

According to the World Economic Forum the Western United States is experiencing a 'mega drought', the worst drought in the area for some 1200 years. There is no end in sight. The WEF attributes the drought to high temperatures and low precipitation. These, according to the WEF, are brought about by a number of factors, including global warming and overuse of water resources by humans.

Dry Lake Bed, California, USA
California_Drought_Dry_Lakebed_2009 NOAA public.jpg
Credit: NOAA. 2009. Public domain.

My Collage

As is always the case with me, I owe not only @shaka for providing a wonderful template image, but also owe members of the LMAC community who contribute pictures to our Image Gallery, LIL. There are more than 10,000 images in the LMAC library, all available as a resource for everyone on the platform. This week I am indebted to--

I also borrowed images from Pixabay

I wanted my collage to be stark and lean, but know that this may look like a little too simple to some observers. So I spiced up the image a little with movement and a sandstorm!

quantumg desert nomadgif2.gif

I even made a collage with dancing trees (cow's head, thank you @redheadpei and dog's head from me, @agmoore). Please note that I do not compete in the contest. I make collages because I love to do this.

dancing tree restart gif.gif


For each collage I used features on GIMP, Paint, and Paint 3D.

I tried two interesting filters on GIMP in making the collages. To create the sandstorm effect (not entirely successful) I used the hurl feature. I had to play with the colors and intensity a bit.

Also, for the road that runs through the center of two collages, I extracted the bottom part of a tunnel (from LIL, one of my images) that showed perspective. I ran that extraction through the distort filter on GIMP to give the squiggly effect.

process 158.png

Join the Fun at LMAC

Obviously, making collages is fun (look at how much I enjoy the process). It is a creative exercise and a learning experience. Doing this as the member of a community makes it more fun. Sharing your creations is rewarding.

Please check out this week's winning collages at the LMAC community site. Tomorrow we begin another round (#159). Come back then, discover the new template, and try your hand at making something unique.

You can see that LIL, the LMAC Image Library, is an important part of my collage creating process. Everyone on Hive can contribute to the library and borrow from the library. Learn about the procedure here..

I wish all my readers peace and health.

Thank you for reading my blog

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Beautiful collage and description of the drought in places around the world. I've witnessed it in Lake Mead and the Hoover dam. Thanks for your contributions to the LMAC community.

Thank you, @pokerm. My kind, loyal friend.

Simple is good but sandstorms are better. Love it!
On the WEF and Anthropomorphic climate change I shall make no comment for on these issues I have a tendency to be yawn-inducing:)

I'm so glad you like my sandstorm. I have to perfect the technique. Hurl is a highly suggestive name for a filter😅

On the WEF and Anthropomorphic climate change I shall make no comment for on these issues I have a tendency to be yawn-inducing:)

Any organization that has 'World' in its title....

Thanks for visiting, very much.

Wonderful blog! The Southwest is in for a very bleak future indeed. Fortunately, however, California has been receiving near record levels of precipitation over the last several weeks, resulting in 'extreme drought' conditions being completely eliminated statewide for the first time in over three years! While this heavy rain and snow did ameliorate the drought it also came with it's fair share of flooding issues.


What a great comment. Thanks for the link.

I appreciate that you read my blog and contribute information.

I totally love the dancing trees with the cow head and the dog head😅✨ very creative yet out of the box.

You do these things because you love to do it and that's just great.

Thank you, @wongi, I hesitated to include the dancing trees because they are silly. I'm so glad they pleased you.

Thanks for visiting.

Hello agamoore.

At first glance I could easily interpret that it was a landscape modified by an immense drought. That person walking in the distance gives it a more interesting look.

Very nice the animacinos using the tree as a body.

Hello @innfauno12,

I'm glad you like my little dancing trees and saw the meaning of my collage right away.

That tree was perfect for just about anything. It almost spoke :))

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

You never cease to amaze me with your talent A,G. Love the sand and the lone walker on the road. Thanks for including my lil image, left from a time when there was water instead of sand.

Have a wonderful Friday and coming weekend.

Hello my friend @redheadpei,

I love your boat! It was perfect. It actually told the story. We probably could make collages from your pictures alone :)

Thank you for your kind words. The sand was an afterthought. I'm glad it worked.

Hope the weather is treating you and your furry friends more kindly these days. We have been having unnaturally mild weather--in the 60s today.

Have a great weekend.

It has indeed been a hot year...
Nature's taking a frenzy...
Hope your lake fills up again 🥺

You really captured the heat and dryness in your collage🔥

Hello @seki1,

Thank you for visiting. I live in the Northeast and the drought here is supposed to be over. That lake is far away. I do hope it fills up again.

Thank you for the kind comment about my simple collage. Hope you are recovered from the stress of your exams 😇

I am, although stress of house chores have taken their place.
Guess stress never really leaves one😂😂

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Very nice college and art

Thank you!

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