The Moons of Jupiter and a Collage for LMAC #76

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When I saw @shaka's lovely template photo this week I thought of space colonies.

Template Photo by @shaka
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I'm not sure why I made that association, but once it had taken hold I knew the direction my collage would follow. I started to read and discovered that three of Jupiter's moons may actually be candidates for colonization one day (though Jupiter itself is not a candidate.) The notion of colonizing Jupiter's moons is highly speculative, but nonetheless intriguing.

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The Four Largest Moons of Jupiter
Jupiter family four moons of jupiter.jpg
Image credit: NASA/JPL. Public domain

It is believed that Jupiter has 79 moons. The four largest are called the Galilean moons. These are Ganymede, Callisto, Europa and Io. Ganymede, Callisto and Europa, it is believed, have oceans beneath the surface.

The four moons are called Galilean because Galileo is credited with discovering them (January of 1610).

Original Manuscript: Galileo Describes His Discovery
Galileo's description of the moons public 1610.jpg
Image credit: History of Science Collections, University of Oklahoma Libraries. Original: Galileo Galilei. Public domain.

Although Galileo was the first to publish his observations, another scientist, Simon Marius, claimed to have detected the moons earlier. Galileo at first called the moons Medician Stars. The nomenclature was in honor of his patrons, the Medici family.

The Galilean Moons

Ganymede moon of Jupiter NASA.jpg
Image credit: NASA/JPL/DLR: Public domain.

The image of Ganymede featured here was captured by the Galileo Spacecraft in June of 1996. The photo represents the moon's true color. The Galileo spacecraft orbited Jupiter for about eight years.

Ganymede is not only Jupiter's largest moon, it is also the largest moon in our solar system. It is believed to be the only moon in the solar system that has a magnetosphere. Its atmosphere is thin and is believed to have oxygen. Ganymede is covered in ice.

Ganymede Going to Jupiter's 'Dark Side'
Hubble_Catches_Jupiter's_Largest_Moon_Going_to_the_'Dark_Side NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from Greenbelt, MD, USA 2.0.jpg
Image credit:NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from Greenbelt, MD, USA. Used under a CC 2.0 license.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Ganymede completes its orbit around the giant planet in seven days.
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Europa_moon Pablo Carlos Budassi 4.0.jpg
Image credit" Pablo Carlos Budassi. Used under a CC 4.0 license.

The image shown here was captured by the Galileo spacecraft in 1996. The icy surface on Europa makes it one of the most reflective in the solar system. On several occasions, scientists have observed what they believe to be plumes of water on the surface of Europa. If these are plumes, then water from the underground ocean may be jetting to the surface of the moon.

It is really, really cold on Europa. Temperatures vary, depending on location, between -260 degrees and -370 degrees Fahrenheit. Based on the premise that Europa has a plentiful water supply, some scientists believe extraterrestrial life may exist on this, the smallest of the Galilean moons.

Geysers on Europa?
Possible_Geysers_on_Europa nasa hubble 2.0.jpg
Image credit: NASA Hubble. Used under CC 2.0 license.
The images show what appears to be a geyser in the same place on two different dates: 2014, and 2016. According to the caption under this image, the first geyser was about 30 miles high and the second was about 60 miles high.
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Io_moon Pablo Carlos Budassi 4.0.jpg
Image credit: Pablo Carlos Budassi. Used under a CC 4.0 license.

The image shown here was captured by the Galileo spacecraft. Jupiter's moon Io is the most volcanically active world in the solar system. Although the average temperature on Io is -202 degrees Fahrenheit, its volcanoes can reach a temperature of 3000 degrees. Because of this, the moon has been called a "celestial body of fire and ice".

Tvashtar Volcano on Io
Tvashtar volcano_on_Io_from_New_Horizons public.jpg
Image credit: NASA ( Public domain Image captured by the New Horizons Probe in 2007.
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Callisto, moon_of_Jupiter,_NASA public domain.jpg
Image credit: NASA. Public domain.

This image was captured by the Galileo spacecraft. Of the four Galilean moons, Callisto is farthest from Jupiter. It was once considered to be a 'dead' moon, but images captured in recent years suggest the presence of underground water. Because of that it is believed life may exist on Callisto. According to NASA, Callisto's surface is the oldest and most heavily cratered in our solar system. Callisto's thin atmosphere may contain oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Gipul Catena Chain of Craters on Callisto
Callisto Gipul Catena_chain_of_craters_on_Jupiters_moon NASA public.jpg
Image credit: NASA. Public domain.

This 620-kilometers-long chain of craters is located near Callisto's north pole.
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My Collage

The collage shows my little aliens living on Jupiter, which we know from my blog is not likely to happen. However, there was that lovely blue sphere in which to place the house, so I went there.

Elements in the collage, besides @shaka's template picture, are all public domain images. These are:
The image of Jupiter and its Galilean moons: ParallelVision on Pixabay
The canoe:Greyerbaby on Pixabay
Alien woman (leaning against the house. I dressed her and gave her hair!):TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay
Alien plants: Jazella on Pixabay and Pixabay
Octopus: OpenClipart-Vectors Pixabay
Alien bunny: MARanna on Pixabay
The tree and wings derived from the tree were a blend of two Unsplash sources:marcbabin and Alexis antonio
The butterfly:Elisa Riva on Pixabay
The cat (I colored it in): StarGlade on Pixabay
Small Alien with wings (I added the wings):KELLEPICS on Pixabay

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It's a good thing there is a deadline for this collage, or I would have kept going. As you can see, @shaka, and everyone who reads this blog, I had a lot of fun. Before I created this collage, I knew nothing about Jupiter or its moons. I had no idea where the collage would take me. That is the adventure of LMAC, and every week is a new adventure.

The rules for @shaka's contest may be found on his blog. LMAC is a contest, and it is a community of amateur and skilled artists. Obviously, I fall into the first category. Fortunately, we have a school (run by the inimitable @quantumg) where you can pick up tips on how to make your collage. And, we have a Discord channel where you can touch base with community members.

As always, thank you @shaka, and thank you LMAC community for the fun.

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Thank you for reading my blog

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Very cool idea and realization :) Highly inventive stuff. Great collage work with a story.

Thank you my friend. My skills may be amateurish, but there is no lack of enthusiasm :)) I appreciate your kind comment.

Hello, excellent friend, your college that makes a compilation of the investigation of the colonization of Jupiter, and for some time different countries have sought to colonize these planets, this can be seen in some futuristic films that deal with this. However, he has not yet specified whether there is life on any of these planets.

Thank you for visiting my friend @cetb2008. Your comments consider the same ideas that were in my head as I wrote this blog. It is exciting to speculate about what might be, what might develop. I did wonder, though, if we do ever colonize another celestial space, will we bring our same bad habits? Will we leave trash everywhere as we do here :)) I hope not.

Have the most wonderful day, my friend, with you family.

You are great @agmoore, I like to see how you immerse yourself in the adventure of creating while researching details that you teach us all.
Very good job, I applaud you.

Thank you very, very much for your visit and your kind estimation of my efforts. You are correct, I do get very involved. That is the fun. I don't worry about the time involved, I just do it, as I do when I'm cooking. It takes as long as it takes :))

I wish you peace and health.


Wow, so lovely.

Thank you, my friend!

I laughed with the collage, for some reason I didn't expect the house and found it very funny to see an alien living on Jupiter, very nice post full of information and an unexpected Jupiter inhabitant with his pet.

Greetings from @takish

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Thank you so much for your visit, your support and your kind words.

I also laughed as I added new details, details no one would probably see. There's fun in doing it. Wonderful that the fun comes through.

Lovely to see @celfmagazine appreciate my blog. I'm a fan!

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We appreciate your comments and kind words towards us! 😀

Haha this one is cool! I didn't expect that ending I have to say. Top creativity, good luck :)

You are so kind! Thank you very much. I have no skills but I do have fun :))

The only skill that's actually important is creativity. To compare that to the football I’ve been playing my whole life: "Football is played with the head(brain), the feet are just a tool."

You're very welcome :)

¡Oh, @agmoore! Esto está demasiado GENIAL.

Y el alienígena es too much.

You are very kind my friend. My lack of sophistication is quite evident here. There is nothing sophisticated about me, or my collage :))
I had fun, a lot of fun, and I am glad some people saw fun in my little animation.

Beautiful collage and depiction of Jupiter and its moons. Great job.

You are very kind, @pokerm. I get double prizes when I post on LMAC: fun writing the blogs and kind words from my Hive friends.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Logging back in to the whole ecosystem after some years and your posts was one of the first ones that came up under 'My friends'. It's a bit disorienting to get back into this world but I see that you're doing as good as ever! It'll take me a while but I def plan on catching up on all of your content in the next weeks :) Hi again!

Manouche, you're back! You were one of my first contacts, and you were so supportive. Wonderful that you found me. I look forward to seeing your wonderful art and your brilliant photographs.

Same here, I'm glad to see that you're around! I need sometime to get used to everything and see what's new and how to participate! But will defintely be putting up some of my work over the last years up soon :)


Oh @agmoore, I have become addicted to moon looking at your artwork. This has never happened to me before.
I am thrilled and send kind regards and wish you good luck with this masterpiece! 😎

Hello @muelli. You are so kind. I play around and have fun. Over and over again I change little details. It's therapy :))

I appreciate your visit and your encouragement.


Hi, I loved the alien with the little wings.

It is a wonderful and unexplored world, just imagine what the future will be like in 2000 years, moons and planets will already be inhabited, something like Star Wars.

Thank you my friend, @eve66. I got a little carried away with details no one will notice :) For example, the octopus jumping at the cat and the cat rearing. And, little alien heads popping up in the windows. The more I read about Jupiter and its moons the more interested I became. Silly, but why not?

Thank you very much for visiting and for your kind words.

Your colony on Jupiter could be the start of a futuristic movie or book. Great use of imagination A.G. Love your little aliens.

Thank you my friend, @redheadpei! I had fun. And thank you for your generosity.

Your collage is fascinating, @agmoore. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen it trying to notice all the details.

Thank you, my friend, for taking the time to "read" my collage. It is very much appreciated. A little bit of me in there :))