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RE: Art and Science, an LMAC Special:Two Angels On Guard

in Let's Make a Collage10 months ago

Guardians of the earth, angels that protect humankind. What a lovely concept to come out of dark matter. I love the fireballs. Dramatically colored and a great concept.

This was a little different this week to get our minds around, but so many great collages came out of it. I love this one. Nice thought, we have an angelic A-Team keeping us safe.

I love your fractal, also. These seem like fun. I'll have to try my hand.

Have a wonderful week, my friend, @redheadpei. A new LMAC challenge tomorrow!


I do feel we have guardians watching out for us and right now they could use one of those fireballs to fire that Covid right off the earth. 😃

Thanks dear A.G. For your kind comments and generosity. Always appreciated.

The sun shining brightly this morning and a pleasant day forecasted. Wishing you the same type of day. 🌞 🤗