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RE: LMAC #62: Tornadoes

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Hi @quantumg,
Thank you for coming by. Your praise is greatly appreciated. Want to let you know that one small tip you gave was great help with GIMP this time: Save a picture with the .xcf extension, instead of exporting it. Then you can continue working seamlessly in a future session. All the time I've used GIMP I never knew this.

You really gratify me by liking my Edu collage. It is my inclination to ask questions and then find answers. That's how I write these blogs. A question (questions), research and answers. So, I learn along with my readers. It's fun to share the journey.

I'm not sure about the historical accuracy of the farm woman's costume, but it is approximately inspired, I think, by the look in this Pinterest picture. I think in the Plains states this would be likely, but I also recall seeing a picture of my aunts (farm family, New York) in their youth with dresses that were similar to this look. The hair would be pulled back or put up because that was practical for doing hard work. The skirt couldn't be too long because that would drag on the ground when doing outdoor work.

Thank you very much for your encouraging assessment. I have fallen behind in curating the collages this week, so I don't know if you got one in. I'll be heading over there tonight to catch up.