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RE: LMAC #62: Tornadoes

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Hello my friend,
I loved the myth theme, also. But then started to work out the story and figure how I was going to explain it in a collage. You know I do get very detailed (as you do). It got away from me. Maybe if I had two weeks instead of two days :))

I also was taken by the Weingart photo. Learning about tornadoes was neat. Looking up pictures was also fun.

Thank you for appreciating the effects. Ever since @quantumg started giving lessons I've realized how rich a resource GIMP can be. I like the canvas effect sometimes.

I've been staring at the clouds. Maybe they seem to move because of the alteration in lighting.

Thank you for your observations and for your kind estimation of my effort. I do love doing LMAC blogs.

Please stay well in these uncertain times.
Warm regards, AG

(I leave a tip tonight instead of an upvote because I'm running out of VP.)


I have read all of the @quantumg lessons but have not yet practiced the exercises.

After two awful weeks I finally have some time.

I'm going to start practicing on this software. I am looking forward to something nice.

Big hug!

I'm glad your schedule is easing. I look forward to see what your 'learning' yields.

Take care of yourself. 🌺 🌷 🌸

With warmest regards,