LMAC 67: Little Folk, and Brief Look at Wetlands

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The pixies in the picture are spending a quiet afternoon in the wetlands of Pixiedom, where their distant ancestor built a home hundreds of years before.

I've always wondered, what is the difference between wetlands, marshes and swamps? I'm about to find out. But, before I do, let me show the picture that inspired my visit to Pixiedom: @shaka's amazing photo of a mysterious building.

@shaka's Photo
shaka 67 blog.jpg

shaka 67 pixie cat small.jpg

Wetlands and Marshes

A swamp is a wetland, and a marsh is a wetland, but not all wetlands are marshes or swamps.

Kakumanbuchi Wetland, Gunma Prefecture, Japan
Kakumanbuchi wetland Gunma Prefecture credit 雷太 2.0.jpg
Picture credit: 雷太. Used under a CC 2.0 license

A wetland is defined as any area where the land is covered by water throughout the year, or for part of the year. According to the Forest Preserve District of Will County, Illinois, a wetland may also be an area where the water table is "at or near the land, which allows aquatic plants to thrive there".

Pickerelweed, Pickerel Rush (Pontederia Cordata)
Pickerel Weed, Pontederia_cordata, credit Cephas 3.0.jpg
Image credit: Cephas. License: CC 3.0. This is an aquatic plant of the Americas. It grows as far north as Canada and as far south as Argentina.

Wetlands are a gift to the environment. They are important in controlling erosion. They sequester carbon, improve water quality, and shelter about a third of the endangered and threatened species in the world. (Information about wetlands derived from the U. S. Forest Service).

Lynx Bobcat
Lynx bobcat Rosendahl public.jpg
Image credit: Rosendahl. Public domain. The bobcat is one animal that may be found in wetlands.

shaka 67 pixie cat small.jpg

The difference between a marsh and a swamp is determined by the kinds of plants that grow in the wetland. Both marsh and swamp are characterized by water. Swamps are forested, and marshes have very few, if any trees. According to the Will County Forest Preserve, "Swamps are often characterized by the type of tree predominate there". Swamps may be found all over the world, except in Antarctica.

Bald Cypress Trees in the Great Cypress Swamp at Trap Pond State Park, DE, USA
Bald Cypress credit Kej605 3.0.JPG
Image credit: Kej605. Used under CC 3.0 license.

Black-throated Green Warbler
Black throated Green Warbler John Harrison at 3.0.jpg
Image credit:John Harrison at https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/. CC license 3.0. According to the Audubon Society, an isolated race of the black-throated green warbler breeds along the Atlantic Coast in cypress swamps.

shaka 67 pixie cat small reverse.jpg

The soil in a marsh is muddy, waterlogged. Grasses abound in a marsh. The plant root attaches to the mud. This slows down the flow of water and helps to prevent soil erosion. There are three types of marshes, according to the Will County Forest Preserve District: tidal freshwater marshes, tidal saltwater marshes and inland freshwater marshes.

Mason Neck Freshwater Marsh (Wildlife Refuge), Virginia, U.S.
freshwater marsh Mason_Neck_NWR Fredlyfish4 3.0.JPG
Image credit: Fredlyfish4. License: CC 3.0

Bald Eagle (Seen Through Binoculars) at Mason Neck Refuge
Bald Eagle mason neck state park vastateparksstaff 2.0.jpg
Image credit:vastateparksstaff. CC 2.0 license. According to the Lorton Virginia Patch, Mason Neck State Park was founded after two bald eagles nests were discovered there in 1965. Today, the public can visit the park to catch a rare glimpse of these birds--maybe.

shaka 67 pixie cat small.jpg

Saltwater Marsh, Norfolk, UK
Image credit:Ian Sharp / Saltwater Pool / CC BY-SA 2.0

Brent Goose, in Defensive Posture, Alaska, USA
Brent_Goose__defensive_position  Tim Bowman, USFWS free.jpg
Image credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service. Public domain. Brent geese may found in saltwater marshes on several continents.

shaka 67 pixie cat small.jpgshaka 67 pixie cat small reverse.jpg

My Collage

As soon as I saw @shaka's photo, I knew my collage would somehow involve elves/pixies. My friend and fellow collagist, @redheadpei, had the same impulse, as you will see in her wonderful picture.

The path I traveled to the final result, from my initial impetus, was circuitous.

At first there was a medieval village:

shaka 67 village  for blog.jpg

It was when I added a moat,

shaka 67 village moat blog.jpg

that the final picture began to take shape in my imagination. So many twists and turns on the way. As I saw the final result the idea of a blog about wetlands occurred to me. My friend, and teacher, @quantumg once explained that his process is a collaboration between picture and words. Yes, that is exactly what happened to me this time around.

Elements in my collage:
Donkey with cart, Courtesy of Scarlet letter on Pixabay:
donkey w cart shaka 67 blog.jpg
Most of other elements also came from Pixabay
Farm implements (leaning against the barn)
Sitting gnome
Shovel (leaning against the barn)
Young fairy (next to the cat)
Little person next to the donkey
Additional elements--grass, weather vane, ducks, plants--were derived from Paint 3D.
Resizing, accents, retouching were managed with the help of Paint, Paint 3D, and Gimp.

shaka 67 pixie cat small.jpgshaka 67 pixie cat small reverse.jpg

I thank you @shaka, once again, for the entertainment and the creative experience. I know running the community is a lot of work, but a lot of people derive benefit from your effort. That has to be gratifying.

Readers of my blog: please join in. LMAC is a welcoming community. We have a Discord channel, a school, and prizes. Best of all, we have a growing, friendly, enthusiastic membership.

lmac graphic3.jpg

Thank you for reading my blog

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Dear @agmoore, what a beautiful, pleasing and comforting collage you brought us this week.
I particularly like how you compose the little scenes. It is magnificent to see the little men playing with the little tiger.

Your post is also a visual delight. There are so many exceptionally beautiful images of nature!

I too didn't know the difference between bog, marsh and wetland. I have learned something new.

Huge hugs, dear @agmoore!

¡El separador de tigrecitos con gorros es lo máximo!😍

El separador de tigrecitos con gorros es lo máximo!

Dear @abncabrera, I am pleased you appreciated my little tiger with the cap. You can see that I amuse myself when I write these blogs. It took a while to put that cap on the animal's head :))

Thank you for visiting my blog and appreciating its quiet tone. I just kept changing the picture until it felt 'right'. Great fun and great freedom in that.

Hugs back to you my friend. I'm off to look at your collage right now.

Good luck to all of us.

What a delightful refreshing scene you depicted of the pixies on their ancestral farm in the wetlands of Pixiedom. Love the little stripped cat beside the two pixies.

It’s almost like you painted the scene with a delicate ethereal touch. Really lovely!💞

Thank you my friend. I really got into it :)) So relaxing, and it cost nothing. As I told you, a Little Folk theme, but not like your wonderful collage.

Thank you for visiting, and for the generous tip.

It's snowing here. Winter has arrived!

Most welcome my friend. I forgot to thank you for the mention A.G. so I’ll thank you now. :)

We are suppose to have a snowstorm tonight.

Haha I think your collage is more wonderful.


An old house leads to a past of goblins and wild animals in the wetlands.
A collage that harmoniously unites the mythical with reality, @agmoore.
Very tender your tiger-goblin.

Hello @gracielaacevedo,
There will always be a place for harmony and fantasy in my imagination. If not there,then where? Thank you very much for appreciating this momentary excursion to the unreal.
Yes, my tiger-goblin does steal the show, I think :))

Buen saludo

That photo looks like the swampy areas of the city where I live. Here there is a lot of humidity because it is a very swampy area, in fact there is a protected area called "Los Pantanos de Centla" and it is the largest wetland in North America. Thanks for helping us learn a little more about these types of soils. Your collage is very nice. Good job Agmore! XD

I've been intrigued by swamps all my life. When I was a child we used to wander around a swampy area up in the woods near my house. I'm sure it couldn't have been very large but it terrified me. My brothers always threatened to leave me behind in it. Such tall grass. And quicksand! And yet, I am drawn to swamps today.

Thanks for stopping by and for the information about "Los Pantanos de Centla". I have already looked it up.

Good luck with your very feline collage.

Wow, this is wonderful. You gave the image a different look entirely and it's so beautiful with the featured elements. Good luck

Hello friend :)
Thank you! I think this house was evocative for so many of us. It was an invitation to do anything. The house could be anywhere. I took it to Pixiedom :))

I hope you have good luck this week. Thanks for your visit and kind words.

You had done a great collage. Good luck and thank you

Primero que nada, te felicito, que hermoso collage amiga, gracias por compartir tus conocimientos..
Te dejo un fuerte abrazo.

First of all, I congratulate you, what a beautiful collage friend, thank you for sharing your knowledge ..
I Leave you a strong hug.

Hello my friend @tormenta,
Thank you for visiting and for your kind assessment of my collage. I was in the mood for beauty and fantasy. So this is what happened :) I saw your remarkable collage but haven't visited yet. Busy day !! I will be over there soon.

Hope you are peaceful and well. A big hug (abrazo para ti)

A very nice trip to the wetlands of this earth, pimped with this harmonious collage. Great.
Good luck with it! 😎

Hello my friend, @muelli, master of disruptive art :))

Your use of the word "harmonious" is not lost on me. Please understand that I have a disruptive personality. I chafe against authority. My favorite modern playwright is Bertolt Brecht. Disruption is at the heart of his work. And, one of my favorite artists in LMAC is @muelli, as you know. But making a collage for me is an escape from reality. It's like taking a drug, without the side effects.

I'm sure Brecht would not appreciate my collages. He would want me to startle, to shock, to wake up the viewer. But that's no fun for me.

We all need a vacation. Collage creation for me is a vacation.

I appreciate your comment. I admire your art. Every week I wonder how you and @mister.reatard manage to stun us with such alacrity. My harmony does not come with such alacrity. Each piece is a struggle. But, it is the struggle that allows escape.

I answer you at length because I respect you, very much. Good luck to you and your alter ego in this round. Both collages, are, as usual, amazing (that is, they are disruptive and entertaining).

Thank you for your visit and your kind assessment of my benign picture :)

Hi @agmoore.
My reference to the harmony which your collage radiates, was not meant cynical or provocative.
On the contrary, I like the calm and peaceful bustle of the pixies very much as it is.
Thank you very much for your detailed comment and of course I know that everyone has different approaches to design his collage.
For me, the whole thing is a lot of fun and my sometimes somewhat provocative works rather an escape from my otherwise harmonious life. 🤣
Respectfully, @muelli ... your fan. 😎

🌟🌟 🎨🌟🌟

You spent a lot of time detailing the step by step process and images used to create your final collage which by the way is quire impressive!

Good luck in the contest! @agmoore

Thank you very much, for stopping by and for appreciating my collage. These weekly challenges are a kind of therapy for me...intense concentration. And on top of that, I meet nice people :)

Hope you have a great weekend.

Yes, these types of challenges are therapeutic, especially during Covid restrictions.

And you are my kind of people!

Thank you & all the best to you the rest of the weekend! @agmoore💫

🌷 🌸🌷

Hello friend, your collage reflects the tranquility that can be lived in contact with nature, excellent, good luck in the contest

Hello my friend, @cetb2008,
Making my collage was a nice place to rest my mind. I truly appreciate your visit and your kind words.

Good luck to you also. I'm off to visit your blog!

A very picturesque scene and blog. Great job.

You are so kind, dear @pokerm,my friend. I appreciate your support and kind words, always.

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Thank you!