Do Animals Show Mercy? My Collage for LMAC #115

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The legend of Romulus and Remus is well known. Infant twin boys, alone in the wild, are suckled by wolves and grow to become the founders of Rome. Then there is another legend from Greece. Atalanta is suckled by a bear after her father leaves her in the wilderness to die. These are legends. Has such mercy, in fact, such compassion by animals for humans, ever been documented? Yes.

A few examples of this gift by animals to humans are presented below (According to sources):

Dina Sanichar
In February of 1867, Dina Sanichar was discovered living with wolves. He was six years old (the child's age varies by source). Snopes judges this story to be true. Dina could not speak when he was found (according to reports), he walked on all fours, and he ate raw meat. Instead of speech, he vocalized with sounds that were very similar to those made by wolves. Reports state that hunters who 'rescued' the boy had to kill the she wolf that protected him, in order to remove the child from the cave in which they lived.

Dina Sanichar, in Adulthood
Sanichar-cropped cropped from Rijksmuseum public.png
Image source: cropped from Rijksmuseum. Public

John Ssebunya
This child was found living among vervet monkeys in Uganda. He had run away from home as a toddler after watching his father slaughter his mother. In the jungle he somehow met up with the monkeys, who apparently adopted and cared for him. When he was discovered he could not speak and had adopted some monkey mannerisms (such as smiling broadly and showing his gums).

A researcher visited John Ssebunya in Uganda and tried to distinguish actual events from the boy's memory of them. Here is a Youtube video that describes the findings:

There are other stories of animals nurturing human children. There is the Gazelle Boy, who lived among gazelles. It is said that he actually was never captured. Then there was the Goat Boy. And there have been other monkey children. There was even a girl raised by a bear. However, I found the stories about Dina Sanichar and John Ssebunya to be the most credible.

My Collage

My collage this week expresses my deep desire to see more mercy and compassion. I used the symbolism of the baby adrift because this has roots in legends across many cultures.

I started, of course with @shaka's lovely, calm template photo shown here:

tHaKquJ - Imgur.jpg

I knew I wanted to create a haven and scene that showed kindness. I looked in #LIL, LMAC's fantastic image library, for some of my images. There I found the beautiful deer (contributed by @marcybetancourt), the leaf upon which the baby floats (contributed by @rappler), the squirrel with the hat (contributed by @redheadpei), and the koi that rescue the baby in the water (contributed by @angeli-b).

From Pixabay I got the grotto (Travelsport and the baby Predvopredvo).

The moving squirrel, reeds and lily pads were taken from photos I had contributed to LIL over the last several months.

I thank my colleagues at LMAC for their wonderful pictures which helped bring my collage concept to life. In order to create frames in the GIF, size the pictures and arrange the elements, I used Paint, Paint3D and GIMP.

LMAC is the wonderful collage contest started by @shaka a couple of years ago. Every week bloggers on Hive come together and offer their interpretation of a template photo published by @shaka. Some of the participants are professional artists. Many are not. I am not. And yet, when we make our collages we do become artists for at least a while. There are handsome prizes. I don't compete for these. I just have fun.

Rules and regulations for the contest may be found here, on @shaka's blog.

LIL is an extension of LMAC. The image library is available to everyone in the Hive community. Anyone can borrow an image from our library, which has nearly 7,000 pictures now. Anyone on Hive can contribute to the library. Contributions are not only welcome, but are supported by the community if rules and procedures are followed. These may be found here.

Thank You
I thank @shaka for leading the LMAC community. I thank @quantumg for his amazing coding skills and hard work. I thank @mballesteros for her hard work and creativity on our LMAC team. And, I thank everyone who participates in the community. People and participation are the essence of LMAC.

Thank you for reading my blog

Hive on!

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I like this collage. It transmits an impression of calm and peace, the pond being a place where all animals could come and relax regardless of which one eats which one. Even humans are featured, which is well needed in those hard times. Therefore, I guess your objectives are well reached.

I want to share an interesting and related personal information here. My six-year-old son is currently reading a (small) book for school, in which an elephant opened a bar in the savanna where all animals could come and relax, regardless of which ones eats which ones. I find this an interesting coincidence with your collage ^^

And of course, thanks for the documented stories, that cannot prevent me from thinking about the Tarzan movie.


Thank you, @lemouth,

I didn't want to make a collage because it just seemed irrelevant, but focusing on peace and mercy felt good. That was the impetus for this. Art (I don't think you can call my collage art) is a language, perhaps a more direct language than words. I find as I get older (or maybe as I practice collage) that images express my feelings more intimately than words.

You got my intention, and I am glad.

It transmits an impression of calm and peace

Thank you very much for your visit and comment. Peace to you, your family and all of us.

Peace on yours as well! Things are getting worse and worse...

Interesting your research on these cases of children raised by animals. I have seen videos of lionesses protecting gazelle babies, which shows that even such wild creatures can feel compassion for other species. I know very well what motivated you to make this collage, I just hope that this user and all those who have no sensitivity for animals can see these stories that you bring us.
Needless to say that your collage is very beautiful. Have a wonderful day my friend. 🤗

Hello my friend. I have had a very hectic day, but finally I get to respond to your comment. Yes, you are correct. I was inspired by that, and also by the cruelty we are witnessing every day. I needed to focus on kindness. There has to be a place to rest our minds when so many horrible things are happening.

It is pleasure to share this space with someone who loves animals and who wishes well to everyone. Thank you, @mballesteros 🌷🌷

Hope you are having a pleasant day and that everyone in your family is well.

What a wonderful creation with the animals and baby. Love the animation. The baby in the water reminded me of the biblical story of Moses being found in the reeds and cared for by the Egyptian princess.

Yes I think animals do have compassion, much like humans…some do and some don’t. It’s amazing an wild animal would adopt a human child. Great stories about this happening.

I appreciate you included my image of the squirrel in the hat. He seems to be taking in the whole situation. 😊

Have a great rest of the week A.G. @agmoore. 💛

Hello my friend, @redheadpei. I love your squirrel. He adds such a sweet tone to the picture, yes, taking it all in and approving :)

There are so many stories of dolphins helping swimmers, dogs saving people, and as this blog shows, animals sheltering creatures (including humans) of other species. I don't know how to define mercy, but that certainly does seem to fit some definition.

Thank you for visiting and for your kind words about my simple collage. I also wish to you peace, health and the comfort of all those furry friends that entertain you from the back porch.🌷🌷

Your collage reminds me of baby Moses in the basket in the Nile! I guess yours is an 'if the story was written by Aesop' version, what with all the animals :D

Hello my friend @alexanderalexis,

I did have Moses in mind, and a surprising number of foundation myths that have babies floating in streams :))

Aesop: Aesop's Fables, some of my favorite readings when I was a kid.

Hope you are well in these crazy, crazy times. Thanks for stopping by.

At first the collage is looking fabulous and about the John Ssebunya he lives with the monkeys in the forest, how could he survived there!

Thank you @rikoy for your kind comment. I do appreciate your visit and your support. These are amazing stories, aren't they?

I hope you have a most wonderful week.

Nice collage between animals and cute boy
It will be amazing and fascinating if we add flowers and rainbow 🌈

Thank you world stories for your support and your kind comment. I'm glad you like my collage. I was in the mood for something gentle. A baby and deer certainly fit the bill.

Hope you have a great week.

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