An Introduction to the Crab, and a Collage for LMAC #74

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The Crab accent hermit crab gif.gif

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Horn-Eyed Ghost Crab, Ocypode Ceratophthalmus

Horneyed ghost crab credit https JohnDickens 3.0 link.jpg
Credit: Used under a CC 3.0 license.

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The photo of this attractive fellow was taken on the shores of Singapore. This species may also be found on other shores in the Indo-Pacific region. The horn-eyed ghost crab earns its name because of the fantastic speeds at which it scurries across the sand. A nocturnal creature, it is difficult to spot, largely because it may be running at a rate of about 4.66 miles per hour. Given its size, this makes it one of the fastest land animals on earth.

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Three Types of Crab accent hermit crab gif.gif

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Crabs need to breathe, which raises the question, how do crabs breathe on land an in water? All crabs breathe through gills, but depending on where the crabs live the gills are adapted to collect oxygen differently. Aquatic crabs, intertidal crabs and land crabs have each adapted so specifically to their environments that a land crab would drown in water and an aquatic crab would suffocate on land.

The horn-eyed ghost crab featured above is an intertidal crab. It can spend long periods on land but must return to water at some point to moisten its gills. Without moisture, its gills cannot absorb oxygen.

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Red King Crab, Paralithodes Camtschaticus

Paralithodes camtschaticus credit Sasha Isachenko 3.0.jpg
Credit: Sasha Isachenko. Used under a CC 3.0 license.

The red king crab may be found in the northern Pacific, the Bering Sea and the Barents See. It may live 200 feet below the sea. It spawns and mates in shallow waters, and then returns to the sea.

The crab can have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. In order to grow, a crab must molt. It must shed its hard shell and then grow another. Molting is so physically stressful that it may cause death. Also, a molted crab no longer has a hard shell to protect it, and therefore is more susceptible to predators. However, the greatest threat to the survival of the king crab is human activity, specifically over fishing.

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Johngarthia Lagostoma Land Crab

Johngarthia lagostoma yellow credit Drew Avery 2.0.jpg
Credit: Drew Avery. Used under a CC 2.0 license

This crab may be found in only a few areas: Ascension Island in the South Atlantic, and three Brazilian Islands (Trindade, Fernando de Noronha, and Atol das Rocas). It is the largest native land animal on Ascension Island. Most Johngarthia lagostoma crabs are yellow, but a small number may morph to purple. Though this is a land crab, it migrates to the shore in order to breed. The larvae are marine.

Johngarthia Lagostoma Purple
Johngarthia lagostoma purple  credit Ben Tullis 2.0.jpg
Credit: Ben Tullis. Used under a CC 2.0 license.

This crab molts, as other crabs do. It also can lose a limb and regrow it. However, "if a claw is forcibly removed, the crab can die from fluid loss". Johngarthia lagostoma land crabs breathe with gills, like other crabs. They get the water needed from dew and mist. If you submerge one of these crabs, it will drown. The crab's lifespan is 20-30 years

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Random Crab Facts accent hermit crab gif.gif

accent neutral.jpg
Crabs are arthropods
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All crabs have ten legs (they are decapods.) Their two front legs are used for claws
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All crabs have a hard shell (hermit crabs are not true crabs. They ‘borrow’their shells)
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Most crabs are scavengers and opportunistic hunters
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Predatory behavior of crabs can include cannibalism.

Dungeness Crab

Dungeness_Crab_47 credit Gillfoto 4.0.jpg
Image credit: Gillfoto. Used under a CC 4.0 license. Dungeness crabs are scavengers and predators. They may be found from central California to the Gulf of Alaska.

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My Collage accent hermit crab gif.gif

As soon as I saw #shaka's template photo, I knew the lobster was going to be the star of my collage.

@shaka's photo

btndw45 - Imgur.jpg

At first I went in a more predictable route (to me it seemed predictable, anyway).
shaka 74 pirate.jpg

Then, somehow, I thought of poker players. I found this famous picture by C. M. Coolidge on Pixabay.

c-m-coolidge   blog 82531_1280.jpg

I replaced a couple of the dogs with lobsters. Added a bar next door (from StockSnap onPixabay.

shaka 74 bar.jpg

Added a couple of sets of playing cards Pixabay and Pixabay.
A Pixabay cigarette and cigar.
The added personalities came from Paint 3D.
Gimp, Paint and Paint 3D were used to manipulate the photo, and add effects, such as smoke.
The hermit crab in my accent GIF also came from Paint 3e

border 10 black and white gif.gif

It was fun coming up with an idea for @shaka's picture this week. I tried to do the unexpected. But who knows what is expected. Thank you @shaka for the LMAC community. We make collages every week. We are are creative, and we are colleagues.

Rules for the LMAC contest may be found at @shaka's blog. The community welcomes everyone. Check out the Discord channel to connect with members, and our school with lessons written by the amazing @quantumg.
Finally, please visit the LMAC community to see other remarkable collages that have been, and will be, created this week.

Thank you, @shaka, and everyone in the community.


Great one, very creative!

Thank you one-eye! I had fun making it.

Fantastic collage and very informative information about crabs. It is what we expect of you every week. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much for you consistent support, @pokerm. It is very encouraging.

What a great idea A.G. to use the card players picture and add lobster and crabs. You always manage something special for the collage.

Interesting info on the crabs. They look fierce. :)

Hello my friend. Yes, fierce and beautiful. Amazing, isn't it? Thank you for your encouraging words. I almost didn't get this out last night. I was so sick but I refused to give up.

Thank you for your always encouraging words. And thank you for your generosity. Just getting back into the swing of things tonight. Catching up. Hope the Canadian spring brings you visits from your lovely backyard neighbors.

Most welcome A.G. and I hope you are feeling better now.

Spring has sprung here and the snow has slowly disappeared after a week of lovely weather. I think it is a difficult for the wild animals to find food right now as there is always more birds flocking to the back yard for their breakfast.

Take care🌺

As a whole, this is a fantastic work. Equally the collage and the education part. It's also really hilarious and above all very creative! :-)

I really get romantic feelings when looking at your work. Oh, those old days when one could barely see the surroundings while playing skat in the pub because air was full of tobacco smoke.
My memories of it are slowly fading, but I can remember how much I loved that heavy nostalgic pub smell. To be honest, I miss it. 😍

Thanks to your interesting Edu Collage, I'm a little bit smarter now, again.
Before reading your Edu Collage, I would have thrown every crab I met into the river. I wouldn't do that anymore. Because that might be cruelty, as I've learned. :-/

Good luck!

Hello @quantumg my friend. When I write these science blogs now I actually think you might read them and that encourages me.

As for the collage: I thought of all kinds of marine scenes and then thought again. I wanted to take that lobster out of its element. And I thought, who would make a better server than an octopus:))

I don't believe you would have thrown every crab in the river. I think you respect life more than that.

Thank you for your encouragement, all the time. It means a lot.

I like your idea for the collage, gaming with the crab-like creature on the table of cards. Nice work, wishing you good luck

Thank you friend. My husband plays poker so this is a natural for me. Having a little fun.

Hello, as always, excellent your collage and your review of crabs, impressive the years that these animals last, incidentally, they can live in both environments in water and on land. I see that in their development they shed their shell and in this development they can die or be eaten by another species. The dogs look funny, the crab playing cards, ah the octopus smoking. Good luck in the contest.

Thank you my friend, @cetb2008. They are amazing creatures, aren't they? While they can be cannibals, they also come together in groups to achieve a goal.

The picture was fun to make. I appreciate your good wishes.

Spectacular, as always.

Thank you very much!!

I loved your post and loved your collage; diverse animal species in a bar! It's perfect. Very interesting about the crabs. The ones that used to get into my house were like this


Recibe un cálido abrazo, querida amiga.

That is a beautiful crab!

Thank you, dear @adncabrera

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