A Collage for the LMAC Fall Reopening, and Debut of the LMAC Image Index

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shaka 90 lunapic4.png

Today I offer my first collage created entirely from my own resources, @shaka's template photo, and images from the LIL Index. First, @shaka's beautiful picture. I kept the small structure in my design, because this hut is beautiful.

Template Photo, by @shaka
YdE7Eqb - Imgur.jpg

I should add that, although I create collages for LMAC, I do not compete in the contest.

As I scrolled through images in the LIL Index, my ideas for today's collage evolved. I used images from five authors (credited below, and each named as 2% beneficiary to the post). Finally, I ended up using two images that are my own: an egret, and two trees.

The egret was white originally, but I made it sparkly and multi-colored for this sugary collage:

smaller egrette for 90.png

I separated the two trees in the photo below, and made one into a brilliant shrub, and the other into lollipop-top creations for the background of the collage.
smaller tree first year.png

I always knew I would use @muelli's jugs, because I remembered them from his original post, and I always knew there would be animals around @shaka's wonderful wooden structure. The rest of the collage evolved from looking at images in the LIL Index.

@muelli's jug
muelli's jug.png

As this collage demonstrates, the older I get, the younger I grow. A child might have made this collage, so I guess that is the child in me.

I usually like to say something about science in my collage blogs, because I think science is integral to everything we do. Certainly art and science share the quality of inspiration. I'm thinking now of how my collage evolved and of a blog about lateral thinking that was written by @lupafilotaxia.

@eimy7's Lamb

I think it would be safe to say I used lateral thinking in coming up with ideas for the collage and vertical thinking in solving problems associated with the mechanical construction of the collage.

Lateral thinking is a term developed by Edward de Bono. It involves opening yourself up to influences that are not necessarily directly related to the problem at hand. In a sense, you allow the environment to work on your thought/creative process without a perceived logical connection.

In vertical thinking, you begin at point A and deliberately follow the rational line of thinking to point B, point C, etc. It is believed that inspiration often enters the problem-solving process through a door opened by lateral thinking.

@angelis90's House
ranch house.jpg

In the case of my collage, it was almost all lateral. I was willing to go where my imagination took me as I looked at the LIL index. Once I had the idea though, logical thinking kicked in. How do I make the trees smaller, and make them look like lollipops? How do I make the horizon less severe/sharp? What size should the lambs be?

It seems to me that lateral thinking is often an important part of anything I do, but most especially if I am attempting an art project. I think that's the best part of doing art: opening the mind and senses and giving way to whatever happens.

That's my bit about science in today's art blog :)

@evagavilan2's Sky
fiery sky.jpg

border 10 black and blue.jpg
For readers who are not familiar with the LIL project, it is an amazing resource that will be integral to the LMAC community, and will also be a rich resource for all of Hive. Our very talented and generous @quantumg is developing an Index for all the images contributed by LMAC members, for use by LMAC members and all of Hive. These copyright free images will be a rich resource for artists and bloggers across the blockchain. Here's a blog by @shaka (LMAC founder and leader) that describes the project, and a link to the Index, which is under construction as I write this.

A hearty thank you to all the image contributors whose photos helped to fuel my imagination, and special thanks to the four contributors whose work I used physically in my collage.

SKY: @evagavilan2

Grass @evagavilan2

Lambs: @eimy7

Jugs: @muelli

Ranch House @angelis90

border 10 black and blue.jpg

For more information about LMAC, follow this link to @shaka's blog, which describes our LMAC collage contest. Everyone can see how much fun this is. Please, join our community and start creating. Thank you @shaka, and thank you to every community member, for affording me the opportunity for a rich, creative experience.

Thank you for reading my blog! Hive on!

lmac graphic3.jpg

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I especially like what you did with the clouds in the sky :)

Hello @lemouth. So nice to see you here. Thank you for the visit and the kind appraisal. The collage was fun to make. I don't recommend growing up :)

Hope you are well.

I agree, we should avoid growing up as much as we could ;)

Congrats! Nice one, with a lot of LIL photos included! 😎 👏

Thank you! I figure, from now on I will only use LIL photos. So many ideas run through my head (noisy up there) that I'm sure the resource will be rich. This is really fun, even more fun than usual.

Cool. I'll combine various sources :)

A cozy farm scene, with a rainbow of trees. Great job! Glad to see that the images have been useful for all collage makers. Have a wonderful night! 🤗

Me encanta esa imágen. Saludos

Thank you Dear @zenai. I had a lot of fun working with the trees, the egret and the lamb. Good things to spend time with :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you @mballesteros 🌷

It was fun working with the resources at hand. In a way, it helps to have already seen so many of the pictures before. I love this system. I love the way it reinforces participation and rewards effort. We are creating our own economic/art ecosystem. The more we do the more we benefit.

I haven't seen your collage yet. Busy day today. I'll have to check the community.

Hope you are having a lovely September.

Hello friend, how are you, your collage is beautiful, and above all you used the images from our library of the LMac community

Thank you my friend @cetb2008. I do very much like to use photos from the community. It just feels right. More personal. At first I was going to do a mountain scene and was looking for your photo of you and your son on the trail. But that idea didn't work out so I went with lollipop trees :))

Hope you and your family are well.

This is outstanding.
Wonderfully placed.
Nice work dear

Thank you @daniella619! It was fun getting in the mindset of a child.
I appreciate your visit and your support.

Yeah. You're one of the outstanding LMACian.
Keep up the good work.
!giphy thumbs up