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RE: The Sanatorium Movement, and a Collage for LMAC

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I think the blue lake made more than one of us fall in love.
This post is fantastic. Sanatoriums bring back memories of some writers and novels I really like. José Antonio Ramos Sucre, in particular, who treated his insomnia in a Swiss sanatorium and Thomas Mann's incredible novel, The Magic Mountain.
I also couldn't help but relate your post to expressionist cinema.
I really enjoyed your post and your collage is superb. I spent a lot of time enlarging and re-shrinking the scene.
A hug, dear @agmoore.


Thank you my ever-gracious and generous @adncabrera. Yes, the Magic Mountain made an indelible impression, at an early early age. I am not familiar with Jose Antonio Ramos Sucre, but you can be sure I will acquaint myself with him now.

It is such a simple collage. The picture was so spectacular. A place we would all want to visit, suggesting myth and natural wonder.🍁 🍂 🍃 🍄

It is always a pleasure to have you visit my blog. You never fail to show grace.

Warmest regards, my friend.