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RE: Looking at Magic, and a Collage for LMAC #75

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I knew a very beautiful woman, who, I must make it clear, was absolutely honest.
This woman told me that she lived in the country until she was fifteen years old and that her parents forced her to go to the city to live with her aunt because of a goblin. Here, people call them encantados.
One day, while this beautiful woman was washing clothes in the river, a crystal castle emerged from the water. In the castle, tiny people were having a party and a very elegant goblin began to beckon her to come closer. Her cousins pulled her out of the river before she drowned, for she, on an irresistible impulse, heeded his call.
For her, this story was true. So true that it cost her a small exile.
Fiction theorists argue that the boundaries between fact and fiction are porous, and that the boundaries between fact, fiction and myth can be very fuzzy and are not fixed, neither from culture to culture, nor from person to person. This is an exciting topic and I love how you deal with it in your post.
I also had a lot of fun visiting your magical world.
Your goblin with grass eyebrows is absolutely cool and adorable.


Thank you for that fascinating comment. What is a delusion? What is an illusion? Is your reality my reality? Are we in a dream? Defining magic, distinguishing it from religion. You are right. The line is porous, and even if we don't cross that line there is a kind of truth in the exploration.

I don't really like the way my collage came out, but I do like those eyebrows :)) Thank you for noticing.

Thank you for visiting and commenting my friend.