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RE: LMAC 67: Little Folk, and Brief Look at Wetlands

in Let's Make a Collage3 months ago (edited)

Dear @agmoore, what a beautiful, pleasing and comforting collage you brought us this week.
I particularly like how you compose the little scenes. It is magnificent to see the little men playing with the little tiger.

Your post is also a visual delight. There are so many exceptionally beautiful images of nature!

I too didn't know the difference between bog, marsh and wetland. I have learned something new.

Huge hugs, dear @agmoore!

¡El separador de tigrecitos con gorros es lo máximo!😍


El separador de tigrecitos con gorros es lo máximo!

Dear @abncabrera, I am pleased you appreciated my little tiger with the cap. You can see that I amuse myself when I write these blogs. It took a while to put that cap on the animal's head :))

Thank you for visiting my blog and appreciating its quiet tone. I just kept changing the picture until it felt 'right'. Great fun and great freedom in that.

Hugs back to you my friend. I'm off to look at your collage right now.

Good luck to all of us.