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RE: LMAC #62: Tornadoes

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Tornadoes, a picture book, locusts... Your post is very good, @agmoore.
But let's talk about this magnificent collage. The first thing I noticed, and I liked it very much, is that it looks like an old image. A page cut out of those you find among old papers while cleaning. The page tells a story of a catastrophe, but it manages to have a spark of humor.
You say that you abandoned the mythical idea, but I see it in the cornfield and in that unique ray that lights up the scene, as if Zeus had decided to punish that little piece of Kansas.
For some reason, the dog is still a happy dog, a gentle form that makes you smile.
This collage is one of my favorites this week. It is a lovely work, which creates an impressive atmosphere.

Un abrazo enorme, querida @agmoore.

Por cierto, me gustan las versiones previas también.


Hello friend @adncabrera,
Thank you for that wonderful appraisal. I had in mind when I created the collage the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder. These I read when I was very young. Since then I've studied history and have read more sophisticated works, but her books created an indelible impression.

The dog: I tried to draw a dog, but it was not good. The dog was meant to be cheerful. Although animals are believed to have a preternatural sense of disaster, certain types want to play, always. The lady is running and the dog is thinking, "OK, fun!" Anyway, that's how I saw it.

Every week @shaka sends us in different directions. That's the fun. No compass, no guidepost. Just our imaginations, set free.

I hope you are well and peaceful. Times are challenging, but the grace of creative exercise is that at least momentarily we can set that aside.

Very warm regards,

Dear @agmoore, I never read Ingalls' books, but I did watch the TV series based on "The Little House on the Prairie" when I was little and I loved it. However, a couple of years ago, in a notalgic outburst, I tried to watch a chapter and didn't survive it... hehehe.
It is true what you say about the challenges of 'shaka'. I have found myself waiting for the picture of the week with true longing. The collage has me in love.
This week I also remembered my childhood and it was good. And also I put there a dog!🌝
In my place we are fine and we plan to continue like this. Take care of yourself.