Buying a computer ! A big update !

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Yesterday night I made the biggest purchase I ever made.

I needed something to able to travel and work. Or at least to move to work without taking my whole setup with me.

More than being a lot of things to bring with me and that don't allows me to drive with more than one person with me, it'a also 1-2 hours to put everything in the car and at least as much time to put it out and install it.

Now, because of the luckdowns ans cinema projects that are starting to be more present in my life, I'll need to move more often. That's why I need a computer way easier to move. What I need is really tiny. Like a laptop and mouse, maybe keyboards and in some cases maybe taking one monitor.

I already have the keyboard and mouse plus the screen. The only thing I need is the laptop. But I don't need a simple laptop. I need something powerful to allow me to make some smooth editing and special effects.

I took the problem pretty seriously and I chose some tough computer.

Intel core i7 10th gen, RTX 3070 8GB VRAM, 32 GB RAM, Ultra fast SSD, 300hz screen (that would be great for gaming for sure !!)

This is the computer I'm talking about :


That will really help me for a lot of things. Because now, here on Hive, one thing I hate is to write only from my phone. Since I've started to create some ilustration with photoshop, I really don't like when I can't do them because of my phone. I don't like apps such as Canva even if some people like it because i'm used to use photoshop for more than 8 or 9 years now.

I then looked for that, with a wide screen (for a laptop) but not too heavy. And I found this one. 17", less than 3kg.

I took all the money I have in fiat, asked for some help to my parents and I did it ! I bought it less than 24 hours ago.

Now I'll be able to move my computer easily, to work and write posts from my bed and do at 100% !

I still need to wait 3 days to receive it and I'm already out of patience.

More than working and writing with it I really would like it to be the thing that will introduce me into NFT world. And I mean to create NTF and not buying and selling them !

I encourage everyone of you to give what you can to LBI, they wrote in this post their lastest initiative ! They want to buy a computer to LeoFinance users in need. This is just amazing to see what the Hive communities can create and I'm waiting for some rewards to come to give them a little more than the actual $0.5..


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That laptop has incredible specs. Congratulations on your purchase, I hope you get a lot of use out of it :)

I hope to use it well too !!

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This is so cool. A badass machine bro. Congratulations. Hope you make and build 1000x its worth.

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I'm the first to hope that !
Thank you !

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