My 100th video on my radioamateur YouTube channel (HA5KZO) (2022.06.21)

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Today I uploaded my 100th video to my radioamateur YouTube channel (HA5KZO). I achieved this approximately in 10 years. I created this YouTube channel on 2012.04.19. I upload videos mostly for myself, and obviously not consistently. Sometimes I do not upload videos for months, or even for years, but sometimes I upload multiple videos in a month, or even in a week.


I uploaded my 100th video nine minutes ago. This is my 100th video:
EH28MRC - HA5KZO 14.250 MHz QSO (2022.06.21, 18:00 UTC).

This is a two-way radioamateur contact with a special call (EH28MRC) in Cartagena, Spain (IM97MO) on 14.250 MHz. I am in Hunyadfalva, Hungary (KN07EH). The distance between us is 2046 km.

My equipment:
Transceiver: Yaesu FT-450D.
Antenna: D-Original Outback-1899 mobile antenna, directly connected to the transceiver in the room of my current rent.
TX Power: 100 Watts.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.



I upload the YouTube videos mostly for myself, and nowadays I am not earning money with YouTube. But of course if someone would like to build the follower base of his/her YouTube channel, the key is indeed the consistency most of the time, so you are right.

Me too bro. I upload videos on youtube so that i can look back to the channel after a long time. I've nor shared my channel to anyone. Sometimes looking at your old memories makes our eyes full of tears of memories with a smile on our face. That feeling is amazing

Thats cool bro, good to branch out and try growing on different platforms. Ill go give it a follow.


Thank you Salty Sea Duck (captainkwakduck). Haha.

I see that you created your YouTube channel in the same year (in 2012) as me created mine. I also see that you currently do not have uploaded videos, but I still subscribed to your channel, so I will see, if you will upload any public video. I am your second subscriber.

Good luck and all the best.

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Congratulations,,, keep going🥳🤗👌