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First of all, I have 0% knowledge in coding. Secondly, I would love to learn both just for my own entertainment/improvement, and just in case I one day want to become a web developer, this small basic set of knowledge would help me in any way with my job/hobbies which mostly operated and done online..

They say, coding is for everyone!

After I have been listening, reading, going through some courses for beginner, a lot of people say that but I'm not quite sure. I'm willing to learn it anyway since it seems to be such a quality time killer.

Surprises surprises! Freebies everywhere..

There are some sites online offering basic coding courses code at no cost. Both of them I have been enjoying switching back and forth are these two.

Also, Codecademy lead me to the Google Playstore as they also offer an app called 'Codecademy Go' where you can play around and practice basic coding on the go. Then, I saw a few code learning apps. One of the very interesting ones includes Grasshopper!


get into coding in a fun and easy way

I have already taken a few lessons and I'm impressed! It's real easy to use and gotta say, it's quite fun. Spoiler alert, we would even get an OFFICIAL certificate if we finish the course. Isn't that so cool?

Love how it comes in the form of phone app as literally, instead of scrolling down a facebook feed, Instagram stories, we can literally spend the time on something fun and it might be useful somehow, somewhat and we can do it anywhere: on a bus on the way to work, in a bathroom while poo poo, in bed when you can't go to sleep right away, you name it.


A way to start your coding adventure with fun, quick games on your phone that teach you to write real JavaScript. Move through progressively challenging levels as you develop your abilities, then graduate with fundamental programming skills for whatever you need in the near future

or/ your next step as a coder 😱.

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I've been actually thinking of getting into coding again as my first try failed last year. Imma give these a try. thank you Mo!

Try it try it! :D

I'll definitely get into it. :)

Your curiosity makes you to grasp any thing amazingly..I am also a computer science engg. Student I was also tried to learn coding and later I learned it.
Keep learning is best part of our life.

Thanks! Always do, always will :)

I tried GrassChopper and was doing pretty well for a while (read: muddled through it) but life got really messy :(

It kept reminding me day after day to practice coding and it felt like it was a parent asking me to take time out of my chaotic schedule and visit them... So I did the right thing and uninstalled it (for now at least) 😄

I do need to crack the code more though...

Ha yeah, it's kinda fun but I also get distracted at times. You should make a dapp with all your art / crypto and beear combined :D ironic cute app for cryposphere

Hope you find Success with your new venture :)

Hope so too :D I just don't have much patience :/

planning to learn coding at the end of these year but at the same time afraid of the difficulty in it

With these apps, anywhere any time

Yea. Feel more easier to assess anytime