Unboxing UBeesize Ring Light

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Hi Everyone,

It has been a long while I’ve bought any gadgets of any type as I have been very busy. Recently I thought I need to get a ring light as I want to get back making videos but realised the the only time I have to do them is when the kids go to sleep but at that time, no natural light will be available so I have to find a solution. My study area has great natural light with a nice glass from top to bottom but that doesn’t help my situation when the sun gets some rest. I found the UBeesize ring light on Amazon with high review counts so thought I’ll give it a go.

ring light.png

The ring light delivered the next business day. Love Amazon! The box was simple with no fancy design which I like, as long as the product is good, that is enough for me! The box came with the ring light, a remote and a small tripod. I didn’t get the tall tripod as most of my videos will be me sitting down and if I do want a taller tripod, I can probably use my hubby’s camera tripod which I think also does the trick.




I have to say the instructions were very easy to follow but looks cheaply made. I guess they do need to save cost somewhere to make the ring light cheap so something they sacrificed. The remove control also has its own instructions which I thought was odd, maybe they forgot to add the instructions during the making of the instructions booklet. But none the less, the instructions were sufficient to get everything up and running.



The light was finally set up and it worked perfectly. I plugged it into a battery pack and it worked wonders! I love the fact you can have 3 colour light settings and multiple choices of light brightness. Baby M really wanted to give it a go and we tried it with the yellowish natural light and we turned out great! I have no makeup on whatsoever and makes me look so good! (except I did have my hair in a bun). At around $40 delivered with pretty impressive results so far, I highly recommend this particular one if you are looking for a ring light for any of your projects.




test light.png


animation by @catwomanteresa

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I also got mine a while back, you will not regret, for me it is a must

Oh yeah great you thought its a good buy too! hope you have been well :)


Well enough considering the dystopian times we're leaving... its challenges though have kept me moving, still weaving my craft slowly :). I got the big ring flash... I'm an "old" hag already hahah LOL so grateful if light wash away my wrinkles a little hahah LOL ;-)

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I was thinking of getting one, but I don't want to lug to much possession around with me whilst I'm in UK, may get one in future if I'm still doing videos...

yah get it when you get back to TW, cheaper there too hahaha


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Wow, looks like going to more broadcast mode.