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Hey what's up everybody this is Tom. I am a long time friend of @solominer. My interests are computers and painting and pot. In that order. I work in Artificial Intelligence and I build my own rigs for Deep Learning.

AI Stuff

Here is an example of a program that I wrote that uses a deep neural network to detect human skeletons and segmentation masks.


  • I composed this program by merging two neural networks. One for finding skeletons: openpose paper and another for finding instance masks. It's all a bit technical but it works quite well. (Although I probably should have converted it from BGR to RGB before posting).

Deep Learning Racks


  • In this rack I actually set it up at my University so I don't care how loud it is because I am never there anyways :X. It sounds like a jet engine. It has 4 GPUs. (2070 Supers) but I have recently upgrade it to hold 2X Quadro RTX 8000s.

Here is another rack that I built:


  • In fact, this rack has two separate computers on it. 8 X GTX 1080Tis. It got so hot that we put it outside the office in a dog cage!! woof.


Aside from that I have been really into pour painting since the pandemic began. Pour painting means I don't paint with a brush. I simply pour the paint onto the canvas. I use a technique known as the swipe where basically you cover a canvas with all sorts of paints, then you take a paper towell and swipe the paint to make a very interesting pattern. I also give them stupid names.

Blue Legion




Stormy Sea


  • This one was a pour without a swipe. So I just tilted the canvas around to get this pattern then glued on the wolf which I cut out of a different skin.

Blue Oyster


Bear Sky


  • This is one of my signature styles where I take the skin of one painting and combine it in another. The skin of a painting is the pattern of paint that forms when paint spills off your canvas during a pour.

In the future I can post some timelapses of how I made these paintings.



Larger post on cannabis here:


Really glad you made an intro post.. this guy helped me alot with making my neural style transfer artwork that we see today on the NFT showroom. And helped me make neural style transfer video.

Cool! Welcome to Hive! Looking forward to your cannabis content here on Weedcash:)

Welcome! Glad you made an intro post. One recommendation is to always use the cannabis tag for you posts about the herb :)


both of your interests look super fun :D AI neural networks are interesting, but i understand 0 of how all that works.

Thanks! You can teach a computer to perform a very small task, if you give it a huge amount of data (designed with that task in mind) and find a way to tell it when its wrong. That last part is the hardest. That's the crux of the problem. How it works is still a bit of dark magic.

i seen some of how that works as i watched some videos from Comma ai where people were fixing masks on photos that ai uses for recognizing cars, road, grass...

it is interesting.

Lol I commented on your previous post but this is more what I meant. So you'll get there
greetings loonatic
nice art btw


Another acrylic pourer!!!! Welcome to Hive!!! I missing pouring as I don't have enough space at my place now,look forward to see more of your work. Do you always do cells? Personally I'm not a big fan of them 🙃

Hey thanks! Actually the Wolf one was a pour without cells. I get more cells depending on how much silicon I add to the paint. For canvases of this size I use about 3 drops of silicon and then I swipe it to get the cells. Although recently I have been able to get cells without swiping or adding silicon by using Australian floetrol from here. I have tons and tons of work to show on here. About 30 paintings of various sizes from 10x10 inches to 4 x 6ft. I've done so much my girlfriend won't let me put anymore in the house!

I'm still mucking about and practising so haven't started to use floetrol yet as it's quite expensive, still on the while glue stage.

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