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RE: Trying Out The New M1 Mac Mini (Spoiler: It Rocks!)

in OCD2 years ago

Hello Rick, I haven't checked in for a while, glad you are back and posting. I wish I could wrap my head around all this lol. Technically, I am a babe in the woods.
I should be posting updates to my travels in 2019 like promised but not yet done so. Been months already when I posted last, but never completed, my Portugal trip postings. Since Spring, I am preoccupied with Corona, so some of my posts dealt with that - also neglecting my artistic activities. Hoping for a better year this time around.

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Happy New Year! Yes I have not been posting much myself. Between the baby and my disgust with Hive's performance during this crazy bull run.

I am hoping to get back to posting more often and reading more.