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RE: M0GLV - HA5KZO 14.225 MHz QSO (2022.05.22, 17:59 UTC)

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Hey, nice QSO on 20m band.
I only used CB actively 25 years ago. Then I used to listen ham radio for some while. But never got my own license.


Thank you.

I took my radioamateur exam on 2011.12.23, and I have my radioamateur license since 2012.01.16. I am actively/regularly using my callsign since I received my license. I used CB radio only a few times around 2012-2013.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

So... I finaly made a decision to get closer to radio vawes again. Just got Yaesu FT-4X, which I can use for UNLIS Tx on some frequencies in Czech Rep. We have some legaly free channels on 2m and 70cm besides CB and PMR.

Maybe I will get my own licence in the future 😉

My advice would be to look for a local radioamateur club. They will certainly help. Or if there is no radioamateur club in your area, then look for local radioamateurs. I am sure that they will be very happy to help.

I hope that you will get your license soon.

Good luck and all the best.

There is no problem with it. I have friend with the license...
But I have to finish the house reconstruction firts ;)