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I remember the day I bought my first ever fitness watch like it was last week - because it was. This week I bought my second. Well, technically it is my new first as while I quite liked the Amazfit GTR I had, the screen stopped working today, other than random static. After going through all of the online troubleshooting guides and YouTube helps I could find, I decided it was ded.


The other week I was saying how I hate returning products even if faulty, because I feel like I get treated like a criminal - this wasn't the case this time. It was easy, friendly and even quite nice to joke around with the service desk at the electronics store. It was fast, no questions (other than the core issue so he could test it) and I got a giftcard, valid for a year - which lasted about 34 seconds as I added a little more and upgraded to the Huawei Watch GT2, which was also 20% off, so it didn't feel too painful.


I haven't used it yet other than pairing and changing the face to something less "techy" - but it feels nicer on my wrist than the Amazfit so far and has similar looks, although I did prefer the matte finish on the other. So far, it seems to operate a bit more smoothly also and I guess that since I have a Huawei phone, it might be a better combined experience, but the Amazfit was good anyway.


I was a bit annoyed that the screen went as it often seems the case that when I finally "bite the bullet" and splurge on something largely unnecessary, karma steps in to make it more hassle than it brings enjoyment. However, I have really liked having the tracking on my short runs and at this stage, I need all the help I can get moving again after a long hiatus. I am feeling the effects though, including a cramp in my calf on my last run, which I don't think is the goal of running.


In the last post about the last watch, there was some really interesting discussions around the "need" for fitness watches and the gamified experience that makes people feel like failures if they don't reach targets, and how people start acting to reach goals rather than pay attention to their own body. I agree with this a lot, but I also think that with so much going on in many people's lives, it isn't bad to outsource thoughts if it encourages desired behavior for better outcomes. As long as this is an opt-in position - which for me at least, it is. Will I be manipulated into outsourcing more of my thoughts? Maybe.


It is interesting how much of our decision we think is ours when in actual fact, it is suggested consumption driven by algorithms and past choice. Suggestions made on our past decisions (or decisions from people "like us") sounds convenient as they support what we have already approved, but they don't factor in whether we made good past decisions. We see this in YouTube that pushes content that if one keeps clicking, will push ever more extreme videos into our feed. Facebook is the same. We think we are choosing, yet we are actually being led.


Once we are on the path, more content can be driven our way and it feels like a natural progression, a consistent evolution of our maturity, but it is potentially more an incremental slippery slope. If we were to read the last piece of polarized content we support back in time and read with fresh eyes, would we still support it?


I think that this kind of social engineering that seems so harmless when consumed daily, actually has a massive effect on society and culture and is responsible for a great deal of the conflict in the current world. We act upon what we know and very few of us consider that what we know is consumed in a content silo and how we act is driven by the narrative we hold based upon it. While we might make the decision to act in the moment and even do it intentionally, we are not consciously aware of the long trail of communication that led us down that path - the little signposts that were designed to nudge us left or right, right or wrong.

It is a pretty watch in my opinion - if it is my opinion at all.

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Have you worn battery watches before the new one that went bad? If not and this one goes bad also, then you may not be able to wear battery operated watches. I can't, the batteries short out and die very fast. I've known of a few other people that had that problem with battery watches.

I can't, the batteries short out and die very fast.

Really, is it a superpower? I think I do have some electrical issues, but the battery was still at 50%+ when it died. The screen was going on (is) still, but not staying on etc - it was weird.

I'm not sure what the issue is, I never had a problem with my solar powered watch, but any that have a battery I just could not wear. Anywhere from ten minutes to two weeks the batteries would just drain, even after replacing the batteries.

That is weird. I have this thing that street lights tend to often go off around me - and digital clocks of all kinds don't keep time.

My wife and I both have the same phones, both have the same service provider, hers has a different time than my phone, my computer has a different time, and my car has a different time, the kitchen stove even has a different time than my phone.

I think that with a little practice, you and I can become X-men

Ahhh, what a load of rubbish!

New one looks nice, and I guess if it breaks you will end up with a Garmin :)

It feels good so far at least, a bit more comfortable and I don't notice wearing it as much.

I guess if it breaks you will end up with a Garmin :)

@toofasteddie, is that you?


You will end with a Garmin 😉

:D Soon, I will end up with shares in the company

karma steps in to make it more hassle than it brings enjoyment.

Then, watchout and be careful with your new Huaweiying... while wearing it in your wrist working with your small ice sculptures ...or something. :D

I will have the watch tell me when I am being unsafe

Deal!! I will keep an eye on you each time you go to bed, to do anything but sleep, risking your life on that '...or something' dangerous jugglery.

Don't worry! you will feel highly safe. :p

Sounds like I should wear protection

Nah! don't worry. With my attentive hawk's sharp eye will be enough. You'll be safe away of any eventual wrong or undesired smallsteps for a good while. LoL

Love the pictures, by the way. I'm wondering why you passed on the Apple Watch considering all of the reports of lives being saved because of it.

I dislike using apple products in general - my wife has an iPhone11 and it frustrates me just to be near it :D It is also quite ugly and very expensive. Shock-absorbers and decent tires save far more lives than watches, people don't change them often enough because of the cost - yet think technology is worth it :D

That surprises me. I don't know you, but in your writing you come across as a measured and thoughtful person, such that if anyone would have an Apple Watch, it would be you. :)

I hope this new watch serves you better. :)

Do you think people who buy Apple products are thoughtful and measured? Perhaps the lives that the watches saved are because an overly high percentage of people who put themselves at risk buy them :D

No @tarazkp it was a simple compliment based on your writing.

Have a nice day.

Thanks, you too :)

karma steps in to make it more hassle than it brings enjoyment

I don't think karma does a brilliant job all the time XD

Hope this one lasts slightly longer than the other one.

I don't think karma does a brilliant job all the time XD

Nah - I hear it is a bitch.

My wife uses the iwatch(?) and really likes it.

I personally like the look of the round samsung one best, but never got one. Maybe Ill look into it when I replace my phone later this year.

I wanted a watch that doesn't look like it was made for elderly people with eyesight issues :D

And I want a watch that isn't designed to spy on me or made by minorities in forced re-education camps. :P

I have Xiaomi Mi4 band for $35 and it fits all my needs 😎

I was looking at that, but also wanted something that is watch-like for work also. The Amazfit is made by Xiaomi and I think in general they are decent quality.

Of course, the Apple watch is without a doubt in a higher quality category, but as I mentioned, that's enough for me [time, heart rate, calories, miles and steps] and behind that, there's a large community of users, you can change the UI / skin, you can create the skinby yourself, I don't know if this is possible with apple ... also the battery lasts for 3 weeks or more...
btw: my skin 😎

Apple is for people who are too lazy to do things themselves ;D

I think at some point when I have a chance, I will try to design a face for mine :)

Uf, that's cruel 😎
Last year I bought my son Iphone 7 and as seems works perfectly for him 😤 but costs me €750 ... I have LG G7ThinQ and it has everything as that Iphone have, but for €300 ...

but costs me €750 ... I have LG G7ThinQ and it has everything as that Iphone have, but for €300 ...

This is the issue, I don't think they bring anything to my life something half as much or less will bring. My wife uses an iPhone - I hate having to troubleshoot it

The new one looks nice and matured


Hahaha. I like the self irony. Of course that our decision making is sometimes not ours at all. But that didn't stop anyone "making decisions". I am sure that the statistics and algorythms of your future physical performance will motivate you even more. And then, maybe, you will decide to share. A great tech accessory to have. I think. Wink.