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So, this is something that I haven't done before, but since it is Saturday night and I am feeling frisky, why not?

@theycallmedan is running a twitter campaign for #promo-steem and #posh looking to push Steem memes out across the social media platforms and I thought I would chip in.

Memes are not my forte, but who knows, perhaps someone finds them useful :)

The first three are about free transactions, a highly underrated component of the Steem blockchain that is overlooked far too often. The transactions are free because the witnesses who process the blocks get paid a percentage of the inflation pool for their service. What this means is that we as end users never have to pay to transfer Steem across the blockchain itself. When it comes to transactions for things like games and communities, this allows for a massive flow of information without having to think about the costs, or applications needing to pass them onto users. As said, this is a massive benefit of Steem.

This next one hints at how the centralized social medias make massive profits on the back of user provided content whilst offering nothing in return. Steem has a marketplace of creator and consumer that interact to distribute value to each other through content delivery and payment for consumption.

And lastly and like the article in the article I wrote about last night, when talking about the future of blockchains and crypto in general, a bit of an eye role needs to be given for those who do not mention Steem. The reason being is that while far from perfect, Steem has successfully built a content delivery blockchain that empowers a community across multiple media fronts. This is a difficult thing to do as some may realize as it is negotiating questions of value, ownership, ethics, privacy, governance, culture and society in a highly diverse and open discussion. It is going to take time, but the journey is well under way.

As said, "not my forte" but I will share these individually on Twitter for #posh over the next day or two and perhaps one of them will connect with someone out there :)

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Don’t forget the apps that run on steem blockchain, blogging, games, stats and who knows what else.

Definitely not. They are a massive part of the future and need more attention. However, a lot of crypto people will look to the transaction costs, especially if they are application developers.

Speaking of... you should post more mate ;D

Lol I hate those future of blockchain and it’s some random alt they got from a YOuTube mention and be like well this coin is going to be huge it’s got thsi and that, so I’m like okay where’s the beta? What can it do besides move a token from one wallet to another! Wow ground breaking, watch out Bitcoin

lol yeah. There are plenty of hyped coins that have nothing but an idea like, "our chain is going to solve illiteracy across the globe ------ (just buy and don't ask questions on how)"


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Haha, nice. I like that Batman and Robin one. My boss asked me last week how I'm going with my annual budget...I smacked him like that and said...Well...I just smacked him to be honest. Lol.

Isn't it only just February? Or is it a good indicator of the rest of the year for some reason?

Financial year is 1 July to 30 June here...So, I have 5 months to go. As it turns out I have under 20% of my budget to write so...Yeah, that's why I administered the slap! Lol.

Well, that means bonus time ;D

Yep, getting there.

A meme tweet streak

These are absolute awesome, @tarazkp!

Thanks, I am not planning on making a Steem career shift to only posting memes quite yet though ;D

Memes are not my forte,

Neither mine either... That explain why @theycallmedan never notice them. Hahaha };)

There is an art to meme-ing that I don't think I have - at least often enough :)

Memes are my forte, and it's good to see that they are finally becoming acceptable on the Steem blockchain. I remember the days when it was considered "shitposting" to post a meme, no matter how funny it was. Honestly I think people should post what they want and let the community decide the quality of the post with their upvotes, and not worry what some of the snobs out there say. Hasn't that always been the point here?

These are absolutely great BTW. :)

Memes are my forte, and it's good to see that they are finally becoming acceptable on the Steem blockchain

There have been a few meme applications and initiatives including decentmemes that was run by @acidyo, and the unfortunate @dmania that got a huge delegation and abused it - which pushed back the meme movement significantly.

For me, there is value in some memes if they get pushed outside of the chain and get uptake, but very few of them really deserve large votes if they are nothing more than a picture. If viral though--- sure.


Those are really great!!!

cheers mate

You're welcome :)

For something that isn’t your forte you did a great job.

A bit of fun for a Saturday night. I guess I had already written 3000-odd words in two posts earlier in the day :D