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RE: Posting frequency and the blurry line

in OCD2 years ago (edited)

Yeah - I get some visits from that account too - I haven't changed. But then, I have found that the more support I get, I lower my posting frequency. Back in 2017 I was posting between 30 and 40 articles a week (it was a very time consuming process as each would still average 1000 words-ish. However, I started to get some @blocktrades support (not every post as he votes manually) so dropped down to 12-15 posts a week. I felt both lazy and like I had a great deal more to say and add - but, I consciously constrained myself.

Some people don't seem to have any kind of conscience in this regard, as long as they can maximize their rewards. I see it as short-term win with long-term blindness. The account getting all that value now, will never have my support in the future as it has signaled a behavior pattern that I do not appreciate in any way.