Miseducated and automated

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In brief, the state-funded education systems are going to fail because they are designed to create trained employees. You might disagree with this, but that is your perspective - not fact.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the government funded (taxpayer funded) education system and business, where children are educated in skills that are employable by business. For this to function, there has to be a return on investment, meaning that the cost of education of the average child has to be covered by that child's employment earnings and subsequent tax liabilities and consumer spending, so that the next generation of children can be educated.

To keep this relationship ongoing, the government offers tax incentives to businesses to keep people employed, where an employee (a living, breathing person) pays more tax than a corporate entity (a concept that has more rights and privilege than a human). In many cases, the amount of tax the employee pays is 3x that of the corporation, as the company can use creative accounting practices to lower their tax liability.

This disparity (among others) in earnings liability means that there is a constantly expanding gap between the corporation and the employee, with the corporation taking far more and then distributing it to the owners in various ways (with the capital gains tax again lower than that of most employees) - with the owning population much smaller than the employee population. This expanding gap is unsustainable and will reach a tipping point of no return - and full-blown economic collapse ensues.

But, there is more to this than just the gap in incomes, because the corporations are no longer bound to the governments in the way that they once were, as they are able to have a globalized position and no longer are required to pay their taxes locally. This means that their creative accounting practices can kick into a higher gear and become even more effective without having to bow down to the "good graces" of governments, as they now have a high degree of mobility of finance.

This means that the symbiosis is failing and for a corporation who's sole purpose is to increase shareholder wealth, there are far more lucrative paths than relying on state education to provide subsidized employees. The major one of these is of course the innovation of technology to automate processes, with many of the processes that are being automated the very same ones that were previously being educated. Why pay for sub-par human employees when a machine can perform multiple times better and never complain?

The corporations "pay" for the education system by hiring educated workers however, state-directed education systems are only concerned with developing averages of the population and for the most part, average skills are becomes less relevant and required by corporations. They don't need to hire people, so they won't. This means that the average education repayment time expands and becomes unsustainable to educate all people as many average education systems try. So, they will (like any business) cut costs to keep the institution running, but the cost of doing so will see a further degradation in the skill development of students, making them even more unemployable on average.

With the current Covid-19 "scare", we can see how this is likely to happen, where students in Finland were sent home to have remote training supported by their parents. While this was a stop-gap measure for the crises, it points to things to come as educating from home means a lot of the infrastructure costs can be trimmed away - schools, maintenance, lunches and a great deal of the administration and auxiliary needs in staff. Even the number of teachers can decrease as class size can expand through remote sessions - even if it isn't as effective.

They don't need to be effective, they just need to appease the general public and say that they are doing their best to educate them - even if they know that very few of those educated will be suitable for any gainful employment.

A lot of people believe that access to education is a "right" but that is not the case at all, it is a privilege and this is going to depend on conditions and circumstances of a society and are going to change over time as society itself shifts. Society shifting isn't driven by governments, it is driven by consumption, supply and demand, and our average consumption habits are what is ensuring that the rich get richer, because it is us who give our resources to them through the proxies of corporations. Rather than trading our incomes for the potential to gain or stay steady, we consume in a way that will continually degrade our personal wealth, with the flow of gain going to that narrow end - the end that doesn't need us as employees.

What this means is that the current education system that has been in place for the last however long and has successfully trained us to move from farming and laboring into urbanized employment, is no longer satisfying the needs of the corporations, who hire to fill a specific niche. When a robot or AI can fill that niche more cheaply and effectively than a human, they don't hire the human based on ethics - they hire based on shareholder wealth expansion - otherwise the shareholders will dump on them for a company that offers higher gains. It is a race to the top of the economy, through a race to the bottom for society.

How I see this playing out is that there will be an expanding class gap between the haves and the have nots based on their employment potential and ability to provide for themselves -with those who rely on state provision being left behind. We can already see how this plays out from an income perspective as those who have to rely on state-sponsored welfare having far fewer opportunities than those who are employed. This has many social and economic ramifications that come along with it, including societal dysfunctions like drug abuse, mental health and violence.

While I don't have a clear solution for this, the centralized government systems offer a basic level of education that is largely irrelevant and a far cry from where it needs to be, even if there were jobs for everyone in the new economies. Across the board, industries are scaling back on employment costs wherever they can, because they like profits and predictability and humans are both expensive and unpredictable.

This means that for a person to have the chance of future employment, they have to go "above and beyond" the average that an education system that trains the average person provides. This will likely lead to further privatization (as we see in the United States) and exclusivity - which in turn leads to a widening class gap through access to opportunity.

While some people might think that education systems provide a stable society, this is only the case when those in the society have the ability to work and provide for themselves in a ways that unites the community. What I mean by this is that to have a job requires "fitting into" society in some way as if one doesn't, the job and benefits of the job are lost. Take away the potential to work and the same society falls apart and degrades as there is no reason for any individual to tow any kind of societal line as the cost to fit in has been removed. While this might be a good thing for some who can thrive under these conditions, the average person is likely to become increasingly unpredictable and disconnected. This will likely result in a lot more human feelings of irrelevance and will likely result in more "cries for attention" through social movements that appeal to authority, rather than look to improve the situation at its core.

This is not necessarily all bad, as it could lead us to a new path where we are forced to evaluate, rethink and reorganize ourselves in a way that is less reliant on the failing symbiotic relationship between state and corporation, but it isn't going to be comfortable as it will require us actually doing something - rather than relying on others to provide.

Education is a good place to start - but we first have to unlearn what we have been conditioned to believe.


These ideas are alluded to in the book Killing Sacred Cows and also in the book What would the Rockerfellers do. The total focus of the lower class and middle class on getting a job to support ones wife and children, and the opposite focus of the rich on founding or building upon a business to enrich one self off the labors of others and investment on ones capitol are very telling. The huge gains in value enjoyed by Amazon, Walmart and Facebook during this Pandemic when record unemployment exists worldwide further suggests your postulate about the relative low value of the average worker and the potential for businesses to not only survive but thrive in a low employment envirnment are scarily evident. I don't want to attack capitalists or investors, nor do I wish to announce the end of the world. But I suspect employment as we once knew it has been changed forever. Those amongst us who change and adapt, will survive and possibly thrive. Those that don't will find themselves increasing dependent on a pride crushing social welfare system. The writing is on the wall, but how many of us are reading it?

The huge gains in value enjoyed by Amazon, Walmart and Facebook during this Pandemic when record unemployment exists worldwide further suggests your postulate about the relative low value of the average worker and the potential for businesses to not only survive but thrive in a low employment environment are scarily evident.

The amount of profit per worker is astounding in these companies and that is based on the average. If one was to look what the top 10% of them get, it makes the eyes water.

But I suspect employment as we once knew it has been changed forever.

Yes and this is why the education systems will collapse from what they are today - as they no longer satisfy the needs of why they were created. They aren't about gaining knowledge, they are about training conformity.

The writing is on the wall, but how many of us are reading it?

Very few - but we are educated enough to be illiterate in these things.


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Okay! this is extremely great topic you bought into limelight, I share the same perspective as yours and seriously very few people think like that! The thing is that we need to remove the "fit-in" thing.
Nicely written, keep flourishing.

The thing is that we need to remove the "fit-in" thing.

It is a catch-22 problem, as while we might want to get rid of it when it affects us negatively, we generally support it in our behavior as we ourselves cling to cliques.

I think most kids would be lucky to have a McDonald's job these days - though they don't realise it.

That last image is interesting - it took millions of jobs world wide - but imagine the natural resources it saved.

That last image is interesting - it took millions of jobs world wide - but imagine the natural resources it saved.

Yep! and that little cel phone not even did a fraction of what Covid-19 already has done now nor what A.I. technologies certainly will achieve to do in a near future with regular jobs and saved natural resources when we least expect it. };)

Words of wisdom.

Education is certainly a very valuable asset, but often the skills that we develop during life have more practical benefits than having an education.

I think it will be those who actively develop practical and applicable skills who will do the best, with those who are "only" good at academic pursuits starting to suffer.

You didn't leave a lot for me to say. Well written and I agree with it all.

I have a really good friend that is a lifetime member of education. 2.5 PHDs (one in ED) and a 25 year teacher at High School and College. He is fighting a lonely fight against the state of education in Arizona right now.

I have quite a few friends who are struggling as teachers, with not may young people wanting to take the job at all. The education system doesn't attract the best candidates, but people expect their kids to be educated to a level that is unprecedented in history.

Erv's fight is against standardized tests and the results having a bearing on the school's funding (and the teacher's standing). He feels (as do I) that teaching children to learn rather than to take tests is the key to education.

The last two years he has been mentoring student teachers. It's a hard thing.

He feels (as do I) that teaching children to learn rather than to take tests is the key to education.

I think we have spoken about this before. Teach kids how to learn first and the entire school curriculum can be halved or - the volume taught doubled.

Home schooling is the way to go.
3 of my grandchildren are being homeschooled and the other 3 will do the same next year. I personally have never had much time for formal schooling and was called a rebel countless times.

I think homeschooling is going to get even more popular over the next decade. The challenge I have with it is whether parents have the skills to actually do it. I think for some at least, they like the idea of it, but their execution isn't good.

Yeah, you are right, as in order to do the job properly, the responsible parent should ensure that they select the correct curicullum. Many make the mistake of selecting the most popular curiculum, but then find it is not suitable for their child.
We can certainly take some lessons from the Japanese in determining a child's true potential and then cultivating the child into the correct direction.
That said, the parent should also be totally au fait with the curiculum.
A challenge, but not unbeatable.

This is only one part of the execution and of course there are other factors that are also prominent in quality education.

My sister in law has two educational degrees and I keep on instigating her to start her own pre-school, but she is just happy to teach her own two little ones. She can be so valuable to other working parents, but I am talking to a wall hahaha.

I think that sometimes it is like people who take a pet, but only want it so they can stick it in a bag with its head poking out when they go shopping. They might even have good intentions - but they have to be aware and active, as well as patient.

Talking to walls is what I do best. ;)

Hahaha, a great explanation here and very "fitting" lol.
Also a part of my expertise, as people just don't listen anymore.
Someone said that they listen to reply lol.

You should know what you sign up for when it comes to public education!

Most places it is compulsory :D

I think that private school education isn't any better, other than the reputation associated with the name.

I agree 100% unless you know what you're getting in the private school, some are pretty good for sure!

Average education gives average results. I would focus on self education. In some libraries it is free to entry and borrow books, are the citizens using them? Not others.I.

There are free ebooks, pdf, courses which can help people acquire new skills. Is anybody using them?

I think that the shift in the way education will happen in the future will force people either to obey or improve. A lot of people believe education is done after graduating and finding a job. Most have been conditioned to believe so. This change might not be for the worse, making people to start thinking: what do I need to do for my education?

I would focus on self education

I believe that it is a future necessity - but most will take the easy path. Self-educate well is a priority.

This change might not be for the worse, making people to start thinking: what do I need to do for my education?

As a parent, this should be the question and then, what will my kids likely need?

Good point about thinking of what kids need. I wonder how many people really ask themselves that when they are busy with the 9-5. Focusing on the kids should be a priority, the future is in their hands and ours.

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This is kind of why I'm not worried at all about not doing anything/everything they're doing in schools and it's yet another thing that frustrates everyone else :)