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The house is almost clean for the first set of people to come through this weekend, a private showing. As I said yesterday, I am hoping they put some kind of bid in, as even if they attempt to low-ball, it sets a floor for the agent to work with tomorrow when the open house starts. And, sometimes these showings have quite a few people at them, meaning, the FOMO is real.

Talking of FOMO, I just claimed my 750th account token and noticed that the Resource Credit price is up around 30% since the last time I noticed. I generally don't pay attention, but normally I can claim ~12 accounts at 100% but now it is only nine.


750 means that if I give each of them 30 SP worth of Resource Credits from the RC delegation pools, then it would cost me 22500 in Resource credits for those 750 accounts to have enough bandwidth to interact in communities and earn SMTs. That is much better than having to do the same with 22500 Steem Power which can be abused and reduces my voting strength accordingly. Well, let's see if these accounts are needed.

So, are you buying Steem off the exchanges in the hope of a pump? Or perhaps dumping now? Or maybe, maybe, maybe - you are looking long on Steem, accept the risks and are looking to increase your stake like @theycallmedan has done?

While I am looking to spread some streams to manage my risk a little, all in all, I am here on sTeem and am not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. While there is of course a great deal of uncertainty and warranted concern considering the sale of Steemit Inc, it was always on the cards and it should have been known to anyone who seriously invests here.

Personally, I am agnostic on Steemit Inc as a whole, but that could be down to their relative failures and slowness to bring vital pieces of the Steem puzzle to market. Perhaps @justinsunsteemit could be the catalyst needed to drive some of the changes required and get key factors into the market place for field testing before the full bull market springs to life.

As I see it, the Steem blockchain has some benefits over the TRX blockchain, as well as some drawbacks. Perhaps them working together in unison with interoperability will give a highly competitive advantage in the blockchain marketplace. And of course, there is the potential to onboard many more users to both as currently, a lot of the crypto trading action comes from Asia, but a great deal of the social side comes from the rest of the world. It could be that together the two blockchains would be able to straddle the globe and offer service and various protections regardless of the region.

One thing that everyone really does need to remember though is, there is plenty of room in the market place for a large number of blockchains and crypto currencies, and while we look at the market cap of 300B as something significant, it is not. What is going to be significant is that in the coming years, the gateways into crypto are going to be created by institutions that have tens of trillions at their investment disposal and, they are going to want to be able to offer a range of soultions to their customers, like they do with stock portfolios.

I believe that this means that we are looking to go into a massive bubble that could dwarf the dotcom era of the late 90s and is likely going to absolutely crush some investors. But, that is the game of investing into high-yield investments - risk. For those who are risk averse, there is always putting your money in the bank and watching it diminish in value yearly through inflation.

But, out of the rubble will be the new unicorn companies and blockchains that offer real-world value to the user base and most likely, the first trillionaire in the world is going to arrive on the back of a ledger.

While the present is filled with volatility, the future is very exciting and no matter what happens, participation is the only way to make those life changing gains that many look for, not just pay for lunch.

It is time to finish cleaning the house. But I wonder, how many are going to be cleaned out by the FUD?

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Ah, that's too bad about your cancellation. I hope things go well when you actually go see it. I hope the Sun thing is good. If it furthers the goals of mass-adoption, then maybe it would be?

I hope the Sun thing is good. If it furthers the goals of mass-adoption, then maybe it would be?

Hard to say at this point as it seems he doesn't really know quite what he bought yet. However, with a little luck it will be beneficial for Steem, Tron and social blockchain adoption in general.


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Good luck with the house stuff, I hope it all goes smoothly. Same for this house really :)

Cheers, I am less concerned about selling my apartment, which is funny.

There are probably fewer unknowns and it's in your hands a little more.

The bastards cancelled! Sick child....

Bummer :(

Sick child sounds weak but plausible I guess.

Yeah, will see how many turn up to the open tomorrow.

I'm confident you'll have interest :)

The apartment will sell, ste will increase in price and all will be well.

Never fear...I know people. 😂

All is well, all is well.

Nothing like a cleaning session to ground you!

The place feels nice when it is clean. Not nice enough to keep :D

Good luck with the house stuff :D

And trying to keep things clean between viewings so you don't have too much to do when you have to clean up for viewings, or maybe that will be easier as there's less of you and your child is much neater than mine XD

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