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I was chatting with @abh12345 the other day after he did one of his account data dives posts, about one of my posts getting 28 resteems. I thought it would be the number two or three of my most resteemed posts, but after Asher did a quick data pull, it was actually fourth. The number one was much higher with 81 resteems, a post from two years ago on the SBD/Steem debt ratio.

Below is a chart of my most resteemed:


Notice anything? Out of the 19, only 1 isn't about Steem directly, with 18 of them being Steem related. I am not really surprised of course by this, but it is definitely worth noting that at least in the past, my Steem content not only got the most votes, it also attracted the most comments and got the most resteems through the community. Not surprising, because like it or not, people do at least feel invested here and as a result, care about content that concerns their investment.

Perhaps "most resteemed" could be one of Asher's upcoming data pull requests. It would be interesting to see the most resteemed content on the blockchain perhaps, and I do not think 81 will rank me very high on the list as some people tend to get a lot of 15 SP accounts resteeming them.

But, what I find interesting about getting these numbers is the gamified possibility of analytics. I love getting feedback on my account because it allows me to evaluate my path from a more tangible perspective. Lot's of people might rate the success of their post by the payout number, not everyone does.

What I would like to see is an analytics dashboard that allows an unskilled user to "data dive" into the blockchain and pull all kinds of numbers and comparisons in order to see how they are dong and perhaps, how they are doing on average compared to accounts similar to their own. It might be useful to see a heatmap of what kind of content has done well in the past and what is currently doing well. I think a decent dashboard that is good-looking and simple to use would go a long way toward engaging users as people love numbers.

As I mentioned in my last post about Steem having many pathways and each of us can choose our own adventure, the analytical feedback on accounts plugs into a range of personalities, from those who like to play games and tweak their experience, to those who are self-centered and care about the number of "likes" they receive. The reason "engagement numbers" on platforms are so prominent, is that they drive a dopamine spike in the user and make people feel valued, even if the numbers are false.

While many might not remember, people used to take the "views" metric that was next to post payout very seriously indeed, even though it was a broken mechanism that didn't accurately represent anything. Gamified. I wish they brought it back - even broken. But of course, it is very hard to get a real view count on any single interface since a post will appear on many, including off chain platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Still - worth it.

Gamifying the interfaces with things like notifications and real-time statistics updates would be a fantastic way to encourage usage and would likely lead to more interaction. A global view would also be great where we could see visualizations of the blockchain transactions through the perspective of posts, comments and votes getting updated as they are recorded.

Also, since the wallets and payouts are visible on Steem, it would also be interesting to integrate account data into an account page with metrics that the end user can choose to display. I think that part of the future of communities isn't just building a community experience for a group, but empowering individuals to tailor their own presentation to the audience - which creates another layer of gamification and engagement.

What we are almost unanimously looking for when it comes to the future of Steem, is the arrival of lots of users who will utilize the blockchain in many ways, integrate it into their daily processes and, fall in love with some pathways that speak to them. The most important part of retaining users in my opinion isn't the payout, it is the engagement, as this is the feedback that makes a person feel relevant. However, there is more to this than a vote and a comment, the feedback from numbers can be just as important and can compound with interaction to solidify the experience.

With communities, SMTs and Hivemind - I think the developers have some very solid pillars to build highly engaging interfaces, games and experiences upon. Even when no one is speaking, the numbers can have a voice and grab attention.

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I do love my metrics, you might be onto something here! Steempeak already has a lot of that data in its tools settings, bit clumsy in how it's displayed, but I can't imaging it's that difficult to improve on!

Fifth on the list looks interesting.

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I'm sure the tools will come with time, I didn't realize that was your post!

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If there was a simple way I would, the right numbers can always help. Right now with what Asher provides and what steemworld provides I can cobble together a good table for myself. One of my additions to my table was my Rep score, I know it really does not mean much to some, but it is still a mile marker to me, so I finally started adding that on my monthly report.

I am not sure what numbers are really available, if one does not know it exist does one know if they need it?

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