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Our life today is like a lamplight. Which we can illuminate whenever we want. And we can dim it whenever we want. In today's world of IT, and without technology, all these things would not be possible. If we start living like this. That is without IT and technology. Life becomes very difficult for us, and difficult.


To control all electric things. We organize a panel. Which is why we do all our own things. Can run smoothly, without any major damage.


The most important thing in the current situation is the wind. If we do not have air for a while, we will be in such a difficult situation that our life will be impossible, so the most important thing is the fan. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.


If we start living our lives without IT and technology. So we could not even know the conditions of the world.
To see a better and non-standard future of the world. We need social media. Social media IT, and without technology, can not be useful in any way. That is why we need technology in view of all the requirements. If we will not use. And will not use the media. And will not use social media. So we will not be able to find the lifestyle information of all the countries, political and non-political. Due to which we will be left far behind in the world.


Only with the help of IT and technology can we create light in the darkness. If this light is not in our life, then darkness will cover our life. Therefore, without IT and technology, our life is incomplete. Would go where they didn't know what to do to get to each other and it would take a long time to get there


Without IT and technology. Our lives will offer something like this preview. As I said, in this last picture. Have tried to show you. In this our eyes will be open, will remain open. And we will sink into darkness. So we will need IT and technology. Can't do it in life and beyond in the future. Nor can it develop in any institution or on any platform.


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