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RE: Paper gifts and making 7500 HIVE in an hour for FREE

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Yes, take the "save your keys" part seriously. But I beg to disagree on the other advice. On he contrary, DO TRUST PEOPLE. This is what friendship grows off. This is what makes us human, trust is the basis of collaboration and collaboration is the bedrock of human civilisation. Yahia trusted you and together, you managed to unlock value which none of you would probably have if he had not trust you.


I think that the only reason he trusted me, is that we already have a relationship dating back a few years and he knows my character from that, even though we haven't spoken in over two years I think. I am a stranger, but not unfamiliar :)

Sure, knowing who you can trust is not easy. I'm sure he trusted you not only because HE was familiar to you but also because YOU have a certain reputation, and he judged that you were likely to act in a manner which would preserve and enhance that reputation

Didn't think so much about reputation, actually, but trusted my gut about his goodness and altruism. Also, counted on his intelligence and familiarity with the platform.

You're not a stranger to me. As someone who lives for the written word, and a reader-in-between-the-lines I've read you closer than you know, over the years.

Yes, your spirit is not unfamiliar to me--kindred even.

I know - but I don't want a lot of people sending me their keys!

I lost my opportunity! :)

I agree I don't trust anyone with my keys

Indeed, perhaps not with the keys, but what scared me was that his advice seemed so broad "do not trust people" ...

You can trust people but I dont trust people with my keys that's what I was crying of saying