My COVID-19 Announcement : I'm jumping into Battlefield. Updating myself to Provide Better Patient Management.

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Until even a couple of weeks back, Bangladesh was a Corona Free zone, but since the first cases were identified, it has been spreading like wildfire, partly due to the government being under prepared in terms of protective equipment and medical facility setups, and partly due to the ignorance of the mass population.


The number of cases have kept piling up gradually with the total number upto 34 with 3 deaths already!

Among the infected, there were 3 healthcare professionals : 1 Doctor and 2 Nurses.

It is already evident the government is unable to handle this rapid spread, as I had mentioned in the previous post. Add to that the government isn't even able to provide safety for the Doctors and other healthcare professionals. We, the Doctors and the other healthcare professionals are at a massive risk of coming into contact with corona infected patients and we are not provided with the bare minimum protection in this fight!

This is part of an official notice :


What this basically says is, We don't have money and we're not gonna give you masks! This is from a Government Hospital!! LOL!

So basically saying, you doctors, are fooked and there's nothing we can (or wanna) do about it. Good Luck!

Be sensible in your demands!

Yeah yeah, people are all about "Why did you become a doctor then" or "just shut up and do your job" and what not, but we have families too. We have people who rely on us and you are asking us to go risk our lives and our families' to protect yours when you won't even maintain proper quarantine!

Ask a Soldier to go to war and not give him a gun!

But you know what!

We're not like everyone else! When we first started medical school, we took an oath! We vowed to protect the interests on the patients and society over our own self interests. And more often than not, you will find doctors sticking to that oath.

And with the intention of honoring that oath, I have decided to jump head over heels into this raging war against against Coronavirus. The nation needs us now, more than ever and we can't turn our backs on them regardless of how horrible they treat us Doctors. We swore to protect, we are not quitters and we will lead the fight!

Upgrading My Knowledge and Management Skills

I have enrolled myself into a course on Management of Coronavirus and signed up for volunteer services as well. Yes majority of the doctors are signing up for volunteer services, i.e. FREE!

While EVERY professional, be it a mask seller, or a grocery shop, or the barber or the guy who sells rice at the corner name it...EVERYONE has raised their prices, we are the only professionals that have reduced their fees to ZERO. Yes you read that correct. ZERO. We will be providing treatment and medical advice for free.

I will try to post regular updates on the Corona situation in Bangladesh and how we're handling it! Advice to everyone reading this is, in the end, it's up to you to protect yourselves. Your safety is no one else's business and you have to step up and take responsibility for your own safety. Stay safe, stay well everyone. Prayer goes out to each and everyone of you guys.

Until next Time!



Stay safe my friend... You are my hero... Also my younger brother now fighting that unseen enemy, he just got his license last month in pulmonary medicine.

Thanks a lot bro!

So glad to hear about your brother. Wish him all the best, we need all hands on deck!

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